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Kate Middleton Doesn’t Want Her Children Going To Same-Sex Schools

Royal Family News says that Kate Middleton is not a fan of same-sex schools and that she is thinking of breaking this royal tradition and sending her children to more traditional schools in the future instead.

But whether or not that will happen, is what royalists can’t help but wonder. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News: Kate Middleton Doesn’t Want Her Children Going To Same-Sex Schools

One source close to the situation told The Daily Beast, Catherine is not a fan of single-sex schools. She did not enjoy her time at Downe House, but loved it at Marlborough College.”

Kate Middleton Doesn’t Want Her Children Going To Same-Sex Schools

While the Princess of Wales has not made any comments as far as what her education plans are for her children in the future, many people do believe that Prince George will end up at Eton and that there’s a possibility that his sister Princess Charlotte might end up at Marlborough as well. 

Royal Family News: All About Kate Middleton’s Education Plans

Then again, anything can still happen. Some royal fans and critics alike have commented on the matter with, Whatever school he goes to will be very important because the England he inherits as King will be a vastly different landscape.

He needs to be well-prepared and I don’t think an insulated private school is gonna cut it,” along with, “Single sex education can be positive, especially for girls.

It really depends on the setting and the school itself. But without boys around, girls are free to be themselves and focus on their interests, not just pleasing boys. I really suspect that Kate hated the all girls school because she does not like and is competitive with other females.”

And then there was this comment: “Man, I would love for Kate to pull a Katie Holmes, using burner phones and the like to flee the country with her kids and be able to raise them as she sees fit in exchange for never discussing the monarchy or Prince William ever again. That would be some good drama.”

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