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Kate Middleton’s Uncle Gary Goldsmith Is Causing Problems Again

He sure does love the spotlight, doesn’t he? It looks like Kate Middleton’s wayward uncle Gary Goldsmith is causing problems again. Gary, who is actually Carole Middleton’s brother, has signed up for Celebrity Big Brother.

Royal critics think that Gary is going to do nothing but embarrass his niece and the royal family with the potential things he might say on the show.

If there’s anything that royal critics have learned about Gary in the past, it’s that he certainly says almost everything that is on his mind. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Kate Middleton’s Uncle Gary Goldsmith Is Causing Problems Again

Royal Family News – Kate Middleton’s Uncle Gary Goldsmith Is Causing Problems Again

According to new reports, Gary has signed up to appear on Celebrity Big Brother and while no one knows just how long he will remain on the show, just having him on for one episode will do enough damage for the royal family. At least, that’s what critics believe.

One source close to the situation even put it this way, I think the move could be a problem for the Royal Family. The Royal Family have a way of going about things that are very deliberate and have served the country well. When you have people going off piste, which is exactly what Harry and Meghan have done, and we see all the destruction that has caused. He appears not to be supportive of Harry and Meghan, and I think there’s a danger in that.”

Will Gary Goldsmith Spill All The Details?

Another insider added, “Gary is champing at the bit to get on Celebrity Big Brother. He finalized the terms of his deal today and can’t wait to enter the house.”

While Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter, it’s been said that they are certainly nervous that Gary might end up revealing something about Kate Middleton’s health woes. And when he does, there’s no doubt that the you-know-what will hit the fan.

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