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King Charles’ Funeral Already Planned–This is Who Does What, Where & When

King Charles' Funeral Already Planned--This is Who Does What, Where & WhenBritish royal family news reveals that the royal family is a stickler for details, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. It was reported well in advance of Queen Elizabeth’s death that her funeral arrangements were planned down to the final letter and in fact had a code name: Operation London Bridge.

Her successor King Charles is a meticulous planner and his own funeral has been plotted and named: Operation Menai Bridge.

This is not considered morbid at all, but a necessary part of being monarch. He is 75 years old and this year was diagnosed with cancer for which he is being treated. Here’s what to know about the regent’s inevitable funeral.

Royal Family News – The Regent’s Funeral Plans

According to reports, Princess Catherine will sing God Save the King to her husband Prince William at King Charles’ funeral.

This is a royal tradition and during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral King Charles’ wife Camilla sang God Save the King to her husband. Afterward, Kate will walk behind the coffin, just as Camilla did at the queen’s memorial.

As for disgraced Prince Harry, he is expected to be in the funeral procession, but won’t be allowed to salute according to The List.

Likewise, Harry probably won’t be allowed to wear a military uniform and his controversial wife Meghan Markle could be barred from the funeral.

King Charles’ – Grandchildren May Hold Vigil

At Queen Elizabeth’s funeral her eight grandchildren stood vigil at her coffin for 15 minutes and this could be repeated with Charles’ five grandchildren: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, Archie and Lilibet.

Princess Anne’s – Role

Anne, the Princess Royal may be allowed to walk in military garb at her brother’s procession. At Queen Elizabeth’s service, Anne was the only female woman to walk in the procession, dressed in military garb.

Conversely, disgraced Prince Andrew won’t be in military uniform. After he settled a sex abuse case with his dead pedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein’s underage trafficking victim, he has been a royal persona non-grata.

Royal News – Queen Camilla’s Duties

When the king dies, Camilla’s role decreases and she will take the title ‘Queen Dowager.’ She may lay flowers from one of his gardens on his casket and she is expected to participate in the procession by riding in a car behind the coffin in a car.

While it may appear unseemly to talk about the regent’s funeral plans, having such a plan in place is necessary for a seamless transition once the monarch dies, and is an age old practice steeped in both practicality and respect for tradition.

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