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King Charles Urged To Strip Prince Harry And Meghan’s Titles After Omid Scobie’s Book

King Charles is being urged to strip Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from their titles once and for all. Now that Omid Scobie’s book, Endgame, has reignited the royal race row once again, many critics think it’s time for the King of England to stand up to the Sussexes and take away the last thing that is connecting them with the rest of the royal family: their titles.

Now, whether or not it’s going to happen, remains to be seen though. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News: King Charles Urged To Strip Harry And Meghan’s Titles After Omid Scobie’s Book

According to a new report, the Commons will be told to strip Harry and Meghan of their Royal titles “after the latest installment of the couple’s feud with the rest of the Royal Family.”

King Charles Urged To Strip Prince Harry And Meghan’s Titles After Omid Scobie’s Book

However, if neither the Commons nor the Lords tabled a motion opposing it within 40 days, the report would be presented to the Monarch and the person concerned would lose their title.

Many royal fans and critics alike have commented on the matter with, It’s well past time for King Charles to put his foot down. I’ve had it.  I’m not part of the UK but I do live in a commonwealth country and I’ve supported the Royal Family since I was a child.

I want to see Harry & Meghan held accountable,” along with, “The problem being she will then be ‘The Princess Henry’ so the Americans will call her Princess Meghan and not ‘get’ the whole Not ACTUALLY being a Princess thing. Can he stop that happening too? Can they just be Mr & Mrs?”

Royal Family News: What’s Next For Harry And Meghan?

Another critic wrote, “It’s not going to happen. Even if the bill did go through Parliament, then the House of Lords, back through Parliament before finally being presented to be signed off by the King, it only concerns his ducal title. He will remain a Prince.”

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter. Watch this space.

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  1. Regina says

    If it’s past that they can lose their titles and the King signs off on it and doesn’t act upon it when William takes the throne can he strip them of their titles would be my question because we’ve had it with them here in America too

    1. Judy Markham says

      I agree. Guess that is what happens when you marry the wrong person, especially someone who doesn’t respect or understand the workings of the Royal Family of England. I am also from America and am disgusted that meghan wants the title but doesn’t want to do the work it requires….
      And that requires keeping her mouth shut.

  2. Katherine Herring says

    They need to stop all this bickering and leave things alone. The King doesn’t deserve all this stress and Harry needs to sit up and smell the roses. He is the child of the king and should be treated as such, but he needs to stand up to Megan and act like a man! She’s already cut off her family and trying her best to cut Harry away from his.

  3. Mary says

    We don’t know for sure if Harry and Meghan did anything like you have done nothing wrong in your lives. You let the very newspapers who bugged their phones and cars and other stars like Hugh Grant and you believe what they publish as gospel. They are raging the war against Harry. Don’t be so gullible those same papers said they were divorcing but they are not. Meghan can’t be responsible for all wrongs in the world. Harry was born a Prince and he is family. Leave all of them alone to work this out. Don’t believe Murdoch owned tabloids. Think for yourselves.

  4. Donna says

    The Royals need to just st drop Megan Markle. She is the whole problem and has been since the beginning. She is nothing short of a drama Queen. What a pathetic excuse for a human she is. She has made a real mess of Harry’s life with his family. She should be ashamed of herself.

  5. Jazzy says

    Obviously KC3 cannot handle his position as King, and he has a son that chooses to rebel against him and the RF, so he continues to make a mockery of KC3 and the RF. What’s obvious is that PH and his adulterous wife are doing this cus they need money and are going broke. PH really wants to visit dad so that he can cry and beg for millions from daddy. That’s PH real reason for attacking his dad and PC, especially when he saw that the RF did not want him back for Christmas gathering. He is stomping his feet like a little boy and screaming cus he is not wanted at Christmas, but he is not well and its sad that he can’t see this. He and his wife keep trashing the RF and yet think they can just wake up 1 day and say let’s go and celebrate Christmas with my family. Well, that right there tells you that these 2 are not welĺ, and their titles should be taken away cus they will nvr change and these 2 know this, they need money and who better to go and dupe but the King himself. KC3 AND PC ARE NOT RACIST PEOPLE AND IT IS TRUE THAT MEGAIN DESPISES PC CUS IF HER EXTREME JEALOUSY OF PC.

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