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Meghan Markle A Swiftie, What To Know About Her & Taylor Swift’s Relationship

Meghan Markle A Swiftie, What To Know About Her & Taylor Swift’s RelationshipBritish royal family news reveals that no one in the stratosphere is hotter right now than Taylor Swift. Her tours bump up entire country’s economies and her relationship with Travis Kelce is dissected daily.

Swift has a number of squaddies like Ice Spice, Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez. Does Meghan fit into this clique? The answer may surprise you!

Royal pundit Kinsey Schofield told GBN that the jamstress is desperate to be Taylor’s friend. It makes sense–a thumbs-up from Tay-Tay and Meghan’s stench would disappear.

Royal Family News – Will Taylor Befriend Meghan?

According to Schofield, Meghan would benefit from an alliance with the Midnights singer. In fact, they have something in common: “Taylor went from villain to hero and I’m sure Meghan is looking at that transition and thinking, ‘How can I do something similar?”

To this end Meghan made sure to be seen at an Eras concert in LA in August 2023. Before this Meghan allegedly invited Taylor Swift to appear on her now dead Spotify podcast. Would the “Archetypes” Spotify podcast be alive today if Taylor had said yes?

Meghan interviewed Serena Williams, Mariah Carey, and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, but none of those VIP’s have the pull of Swift and her millions of Swifties.

Royal News – Taylor Rejected Meghan

Kinsey Schofield told the outlet that Meghan went so far as to write a calligraphy filled letter to the Fortnight singer, asking her to share the airwaves.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Swift didn’t bother to tell Meghan no, she had a representative do it. Ouch.

But there’s always a next time with Meghan who is currently signed with Lemonada Media. Earlier this year the news broke that Meghan would relaunch “Archetypes” but that idea is on hold until at least next year.

Royal Family News – Taylor Swift And The Royals

It looks like Meghan lost out on connecting with Swift, but there is a consolation prize to talk about. The Daily Mail reported in 2021 that the Duke and Duchess of Excess had the pleasure of using Swift’s bodyguards during a New York City trip.

It’s not clear whether or not Swift loaned out her security man, known as Jimmy, or if the couple hired him from the same company. For now it looks like that is as close as Meghan will get to Swift. Tell us royal fans, do you think that Meghan is in the same universe as Taylor Swift?

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  1. Glenda says

    EVIL MEGHAN is a suck up to every important person. Then when they see the real her they are no longer friends. Everyone has figured her out

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