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Meghan Markle Accused Of Acting In A Very Isolating Manner

Meghan Markle Accused Of Acting In A Very Isolating MannerShe sure isn’t doing herself any favors, now is she? There’s a new report that suggests Meghan Markle is isolating herself from Buckingham Palace.

That’s mostly because she’s decided not to join her husband Prince Harry on his trip to the UK even though she’s expected to travel to Nigeria soon after.

This has prompted a lot of people to wonder why the Duchess of Sussex is acting in the way that she is. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News – Meghan Markle Accused Of Acting In A Very Isolating Manner

Meghan Markle is accused of acting in a very isolating manner. At least, that’s what one royal expert by the name of Cameron Walker says.

Even though Prince Harry is confirmed to be visiting London for the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, it seems like Meghan would rather not step foot on UK soil.

Some people think it’s because she wants to avoid the royal family while others simply think she’s just trying to focus on her own projects while allowing her husband to work on his.

Cole put it this way,The Duchess of Sussex will not accompany her husband, Prince Harry, to the St Paul’s Cathedral service next week, celebrating 10 years of the Invictus Games. Sources close to Meghan confirm she will remain in Montecito.

Meghan choosing not to join Harry in the UK may have to do with her focusing more efforts on her new company American Riviera Orchard. At the same time, the Duchess may wish to further isolate herself from Buckingham Palace.”

Royal Family News – What’s Next For The Duchess Of Sussex?

The PR expert continued, “Why? Markle could be tired out from the Royals or see the close association as an obstacle towards further establishing an independent business and personal presence in the US.”

So far the Duchess of Sussex herself has not made any comments about the criticism she’s received, although at this point it’s doubtful that she will.

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  1. Dj says

    If she doesn’t want to go to England she should not have Royal titles

  2. Jan says

    I’m sure it will be a certain that she won’t be missed at all.
    Harry should bring the children though, we have no idea how severe Charles illness is and he has a right to see his grandchildren.
    Meghan has calculated this split in the family since day one, and it is long overdue for Harry to get out from under her skirts and make a stand for the sake of his family.
    His Mom would be so disappointed in his cowing down to this woman.

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