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Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Push To Possess ‘Posh Lifestyle’

Royal family news reveals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle struggling to pay the bills for their luxurious lifestyle. And a new report hints that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will go to any lengths to hold onto their posh California mansion.

But amid the money scramble, Harry channeled his inner romantic for a recent special occasion. 

Find out about the Sussex couple’s stress over their finances. And learn how and why Prince Harry views July 4th as his own special holiday. Get all the details below. 

Meghan Markle Pushes To Keep Posh Lifestyle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have agreed to “do whatever it takes to maintain” their fabulous lives in California, according to an insider via OK magazine. But what exactly does that mean amid their current money problems?

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Push To Possess 'Posh Lifestyle'

The source warned that Meghan’s and Harry’s financial woes got much worse when Spotify cut off Markle’s podcast Archetypes.

And an insider revealed, “Money is definitely becoming a problem again.” Because Harry’s memoir did well, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex remained in a good financial space for some time. But as the polls show their popularity falling, the two have begun to hustle to pay those bills. 

However, the source shared that Meghan and Harry plan to “do whatever it takes to maintain their posh Montecito lifestyle.” For instance, Harry recently participated in a public therapy live-stream with trauma expert Dr. Gabor Maté. And the insider stressed that “nothing is off the table” for Meghan if it pays. “[Harry] and Meghan know their opportunities haven’t gone as planned,” admitted the insider. “But they’re determined to stick it out and become a success — no matter what.”

Prince Harry Recalls Falling For Meghan

But while some in Meghan’s and Harry’s situation might focus on their financial worries, the Duke of Sussex considers himself a romantic. And he recently recalled exactly how and when he fell in love with the now-Duchess of Sussex. As the rest of the United States celebrated the Fourth of July, Harry remembered a milestone in romancing Meghan. And like a prince wooing a future princess with a fairy-tale ending, Harry shared that he planned carefully. The Duke of Sussex even scheduled his second date with Meghan for July 4, according to People.

And that second date made Harry fall in love. He still recalls how Meghan “walked in, wearing a pretty blue sundress with white pinstripes. She was aglow. I stood and said: ‘I bear gifts. A pink box.’ I held it forward. She shook it.” And the Duke of Sussex revealed that he gave his future wife a box of “red, white and blue cupcakes, to be exact. In honor of Independence Day. The Brits possess “a very different view of Independence Day from the Yanks,” admitted Harry. “But, oh, well.”

And the Duke of Sussex described how he and Meghan started their romance. “The conversation flowed, crackled. Burgers came and went, uneaten. I felt an overwhelming sense of Overture, Prelude, Kettle Drums, Act I. And yet also a sense of ending. A phase of my life — the first half? — was coming to a close,” added Harry about falling in love with Meghan. 

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