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Meghan Markle BANS Royal Family From Daughter’s Christening?!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently welcomed their first daughter and second child into the world.

Named Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, this little baby might become the center of a showdown between Meghan and Harry!

And the controversy reportedly focuses on her christening. Will Markle win…. or will Prince Harry triumph?

Find out the answer below!

Prince Harry Hopes To See Baby Daughter Lilibet Christened At Windsor In Front Of Queen

Prince Harry reportedly wishes that his daughter’s christening ceremony will take place at Windsor, with his grandmother Queen Elizabeth observing.

An insider quoted by Yahoo shared that Harry clarified his “intentions” when he visited England recently for the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue. The occasion gave Harry an opportunity to reunite with his brother Prince William.

“Harry told several people that they want to have Lili christened at Windsor, just like her brother,” revealed the source. “They are happy to wait until circumstances allow.”

If that source’s information is true, the christening ceremony could mark Meghan Markle’s first return to England since she and Harry left the royal family and moved to California. Markle did not attend Harry’s previous visits to England.

But she had good reasons for having Harry travel alone. Meghan was pregnant during the time that Harry traveled to England for Prince Philip’s funeral. And when the Princess Diana statue ceremony took place, Markle had just welcomed her baby into the world.

However, although that insider contends that Harry and Meghan agree on having Lili christened in England with the royal family involved, another source is dishing up a VERY different story!

Who Does Meghan Markle Want To Invite To Daughter’s Christening Ceremony? The Answer Focuses On A Royal Gown!

An insider told New Idea that Meghan gave Harry an assignment when he recently traveled to England. Markle wanted her husband to get a royal christening gown for their daughter.

But the Queen allegedly refused, considering the request “rather cheeky,” according to the source. Moreover, Queen Elizabeth allegedly shared that two of her royal granddaughters, Zara Tindall and Princess Eugenie, already had requested to borrow that same gown for their newborn babies.

As a result of that refusal from the Queen, Meghan reportedly wants a private christening ceremony for her daughter, according to the insider.

That plan is a dramatic contrast to what happened when Harry’s and Meghan’s son Archie was christened in 2019. The now-2-year-old was christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury in the private chapel at Windsor Castle, with water from the River Jordan.

But Markle may take a different approach this time, according to the insider. She might decide on a Catholic service at a church associated with the high school she attended in Los Angeles, Immaculate Heart.

Meghan’s Mother, Doria, Would Attend.

“The royal family won’t be invited – she won’t even let them watch on a Zoom call, probably out of pure spite that they wouldn’t let her have the gown!” claimed the insider.

“Meghan wants the ceremony to be super small, and will only include a handful of celebrity friends, along with her mum, Doria,” added the source.

As for whether the Queen might relent and mail the gown to California? A royal insider thinks that’s unlikely.

“The Queen loans it to royal babies being christened in England,” explained the royal family source. “There was no way she would let such a priceless item be whisked off to America with Harry – or post it there!”

  1. Phyllis Deckert says

    Good for the Queen! Don't give in to those disloyal whiners.

  2. Guest says

    I guess Megan doesn’t realize that the Queen is actually the head of the Church of England. The Archbishop is appointed by her.

  3. Guest says

    All families have there problems, but why air them to the public? Come on everyone involved in the family think about it, you could probably get further between each other than involving the world.

  4. Guest says

    It is so sad that this couple is attempting to destroy England's monarch, yet they like to to make money off of it. What a way to to treat your family. And if it is true that Harry is letting Meghan take the down fall as far as leaving the "firm" then shame on him and he is not much of a man.

  5. Guest says

    Yeah Megan Markel’s gonna be whining a little bit more

  6. M. Payton says

    LOL….couldn't have said it any better. Yet Meghan has to have the last word in for she is always right , right…LOL

  7. Guest says

    For people who wanted a private life out of the spotlight……
    Then why are they in the news every single day….
    As if we care what they do and don’t do……
    They are not royals here… we don’t give a rats a~~

  8. Guest says

    MM is ignorant and vulgar and rude. She just hasn't got a clue about how to behave.

  9. Jill says

    I thought in order to have a Christening you usually present a baby? I do not believe they have any children but the press seem to encourage these ridiculous stories along with their PR.

  10. Guest says

    It really looks like the person with the Royalty Problem is Little Miss Meghan!
    Grow up your not that important! Your husband is the Royal not you honey! Get over yourself!

  11. Guest says

    I am sure that no one is sad about not getting an invasion from MM.

  12. Guest says

    M & H should just disappear into the sunset

  13. Bruno1234 says

    I think she can’t have it both ways,she slapped them in the face
    Left England and their traditions behind,now she wants the
    Christening gown for her daughter?
    You know what they say you can’t serve two masters.
    Enough of these two,they wanted out,stop whining and just
    Live the quiet life they want

  14. Bruno1234 says

    The Queen is right,they stepped away,took there Children
    Out of the life they were born into.
    How sad for the children two selfish attention seekers

  15. Bruno1234 says

    MM married A Prince wanted the title but none of the duties that came with it
    Harry is unappreciative of his privileged life
    Anyone that throws his family under the bus
    Says a lot for Harry

  16. Guest says

    I think Megan is a scheming brat who currently has Harry wrapped around her finger and he should be ashamed of himself. If he wanted to leave fine but now he is making money by hurting his family. Shame on you both

  17. Jezz says

    We don't know for sure what Harry and Megan intend to do for their daughters christening. This all seems to be speculation. What I will say is for the baby's sake I hope whatever the parents decides it should be private and hopefully pave the way for the children to hopefully have positive relationships with their entire families, both Harry and Megans. I, like I guess most of us come from a family that do not drag their children into family conflict. My mother didn't go much on my dad's family but I didn't see any of that until I was older. I was always encouraged to spend time and love all of my family. It's important because children might grow up with more characteristics of the unliked grandparent and sooner or later the child can become aware of this and if a parent has spent years hating on that character how is the child going to feel. How will Archie feel if he grows up to look like Thomas and be aloof and distant like Charles, with both parents so publically hating on these grandfather's. This is why it's important to try and overcome family issues and get along. It's good for children, especially biracial children to grow and get to know their relatives. My family are very close and I believe it's because when the babies are born we all go to visit and hold them. Holding a family newborn is a powerful thing. I hope whatever happens the family will put the little one before their family problems.

  18. Guest says

    What a disservice to Her Majesty! Appauld that Prince Harry has traded his duty’s for peace at home! What a sad smear on his mother’s legacy, she’d have been both hurt & disappointed in her youngest pride & joy.

  19. Guest says

    MeganMarkle is shameful ego driven selfish piece of crap. Harry was stupid enough to marry the arrogant witch and dumb enough.nough to still be martied to her. She is a cheap version of a woman. She deserves nothing how dare she demand anything. She will dump Harry when the novelty of being married into the royal family gets boring. She is nothing but cheap trash!

  20. Guest says

    I think she should just shut the hell up .

  21. Guest says

    Megan is just being spiteful. She might be christening her second child but she needs to grow up first. Poor Harry will be forced one day Megan or England. I think Megan had this all planed out. Couple of kids & he’ll do whatever I want! The $ won’t be an issue it will be custody. She know too! Megan will do whatever it takes to keep Harry from his family. She’s kind stupid because the Queen can’t go on too much longer she’s in her 90’s. Megan is a piece of work. The granddaughter from hell! I really wish we could have seen her up against Diane. Diane believed in family but not Stuck on stupid! She knew the boys were royalty from day one!!

  22. Guest says

    Cannot believe the nerve of these two fools. Entitled snowflakes who will never work a day in their lives.

  23. Guest says

    Having been saddened by the death of Princess Diana and the emotional toll it must have had on her sons it would have been more widely acceptable for Charles to have least taken some responsibility for the outcome of their marriage so early on. Adultery is not easy to deal with as it affects everyone differently. William has certainly dealt with his pain in a very adult manner. He has chosen well and has a beautiful family. I’m sure we all wish him the very best. Harry however was always the rebel even as a young child. He should have had counseling from the very beginning to deal with the loss of his Mum. It appears he did not have the emotional support he needed and as a result the resentment he felt has only manifested itself to a much higher degree. I do believe that his relationship with Megan was not based on honesty from the start. Whether you research your mate’s family or not we all know a fair amount about the royal family. She outwitted herself by marrying Harry and then thinking she could take charge of anything. She should have remained in her appropriate place until William became King. Then she would have stepped into a more prominent role of which she is so accustomed to. But she wanted it all from the start and went about making it happen anyway she could. Harry is not going to be King ever, nor she Queen. She was extremely fortunate to have married into that family from the beginning. Trying to destroy it will only cause more pain for Harry as a victim.

  24. Guest says

    Megan is acting like a spoiled little girl I am surprised their aren't pictures of her stomping her foot. My heart goes out to Harry, but as they say love is blind. Why would Meghan think that Harry should be king is beyond me. Can you imagine Meghan being Queen Consort, England would definitely be at war amongst themselves within minutes Meghan needs to keep her mouth shut and stay out of England, even on a tv cooking show she refers to herself an ex royal family member if only that were true the Queen and the whole family would be better off as she is a disgrace to the royal family

  25. Guest says

    Do nothing that places these two in England. The Royal Family needs to be protected from them.

  26. Guest says

    Who writes this shit! Horrible slander, very doubtful it’s a royal insider, more like a made up story. Sleep well at night writing your hogwash. Try being a real journalist.

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