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Meghan Markle Could Be Stepping On Victoria Beckham’s Toes With New Endeavor

Meghan Markle Could Be Stepping On Victoria Beckham’s Toes With New EndeavorDuchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has been known to rub some people the wrong way, over the years. Since marrying into the Royal Family in 2018, she’s been thrust into the spotlight, and now, thanks to a business venture, she could be stepping on the toes of former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham. More on this story, below.

Meghan Markle’s – New Business Venture

During a recent interview with The Sun, Denise Palmer-Davies, Director of Borne Media and brand expert, weighed in on a new business venture of Meghan’s, her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard.

She notes that while Meghan’s endeavor could be lucrative, over the long term, she shouldn’t be under the impression that it could be an overnight success.

Palmer-Davies notes that Victoria Beckham and actress Gwyneth Paltrow have spent years perfecting their brands and building their respective businesses.

She adds that this can be a challenging market to crack into, and even Ms. Beckham has had her fair share of obstacles as it’s such a saturated market.

Palmer-Davies states during her Sun interview that Markle will need a solid financial and marketing team behind this to make it work. She notes that in this day and age, brands can’t survive on a name, alone.

Possible Repercussions For Meghan Markle & Her New Lifestyle Brand

Palmer-Davies concludes the interview with possible repercussions to Meghan’s business move. She states that she “wonders” what Victoria might think of Markle “tapping” into her market, and if Beckham will welcome the competition as there is enough room for them all.

Still, she also adds that given the two ladies’ fallout, she also wonders if Victoria will secretly be pleased if Meghan’s new venture backfires. Palmer-Davies finishes the interview by saying, this would be the “ultimate revenge”.

What do you think of Meghan Markle’s new lifestyle brand venture? Will it succeed or will it fail? Should she worry about what Victoria Beckham thinks of it all? Comment in the section below and check CTS often for the best celebrity and Royal Family news and updates.

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