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Meghan Markle Didn’t Join Prince Harry For His GMA Interview For This Interesting Reason

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are knee-deep into their rebranding process and it has brought a world of backlash right at their doorstep.

To booster their image through this shaky course changing maneuver – I mean Archewell into Sussex? – Harry has admitted to do an interview on Good Morning America. However, fans quickly noticed that one little thing was missing: his wife Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle’s PR Team Don’t Care About Prince Harry’s Brand, Expert Says

Even though Prince Harry and Meghan attempted to unify their brand under the Sussex banner, we can still spot some differences between Harry’s branding and Meghan’s.

Meghan Markle Didn't Join Prince Harry For His GMA Interview For This Interesting Reason

For one, Meghan’s got a coat of arms and Harry hasn’t. Harry’s back doing interviews and Meghan’s still laying low.

Whereas the show thrilled fans that Harry will be talking about family and life with Meghan in the interview, she was not, in fact, mentioned on the show.

Royal Expert Angela Levin Believes She Knows Why Harry Didn’t Appear With His Wife.

She explained: “It’s interesting. It’s just about Harry, but I think it was her giving in that this is Harry’s Invictus Games.

Actually she was always there, having her picture taken and looking very glamorous, and that’s what she cares about. I suspect that her PRs didn’t want her to say anything that might change this vision of herself.”

Last year, Meghan signed with Hollywood agency WME for representation, joining a list of names that include Gwen Stefani, Liam Payne, Eddie Murphy and others.

Ms Levin continued: “They don’t mind if Harry gets it wrong. Her PRs aren’t really Harry’s. They’re just Meghan’s. They don’t really mind if Harry gets it wrong and she wasn’t the person who went to London to see the king.”

“She wants to keep out of it, and if they said to her: ‘Megan, have you changed your mind now? Do you feel you would enjoy going to London? You know she might give an answer that the PRs wouldn’t want you to hear.”

Following Charles’ cancer diagnosis, Harry jetted to the UK solo to see him. So far, it is believed that talks were warm and amicable, even though the meeting lasted for less than half an hour.

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  1. Deliworker says

    Harry met Markle and his life and popularity have taken a nose dive ever since. Markle planned and plotted to try and become someone relevant. And she hooked Harry. She created problems and lied to get Harry away from his family and return to America with fortune, fame and a title. She wanted to join the A-List Hollywood elite club. Look how that turned out. Markle then got her own PR group. Now she is distancing herself from Harry. Sound familiar? She got what she could from him. His isn’t of any use to her anymore. She will strive to get ahead and become popular on her own, and the hell with Harry.
    Harty fell in love and she used and manipulated him. His only salvation will be to use his head, and get rid of her before she does it to him like she did to all of her former friends and husband
    She doesn’t care about him and doesn’t need him anymore. She is strictly an egotistical narcissistic witch.
    Harry get rid of her.

  2. Mary says

    I think Harry should be next to get the thorn

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