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Meghan Markle Didn’t Mean to Sabotage Kate Middleton, Jamscam is an Coincidence

Meghan Markle Didn’t Mean to Sabotage Kate Middleton, Jamscam is an CoincidenceBritish royal family news reveals that Meghan Markle’s dog bone launch this weekend was a huge misunderstanding and blamed on Nachos Figueras for the optics of bullying a cancer patient.

In case you missed it, Meghan and Macho Nacho tried to sell dog biscuits and jam at the exact same time Kate Middleton appeared in public for the first time since revealing she has cancer.

What a co-inky-dink said Meghan. Then she Markled Nacho and said it was all HIS fault that HER jam and dog tricks were splashed all over social media. The epic fail is what The Daily Beast described as an “astonishing coincidence” and no one is buying it nor are they buying anything from Meghan’s lifestyle brand American Riviera Orchard—because there’s no merch at all. Just fairytales and nachos with extra cheese.

Royal News: Nacho Figueras Is Markled

It’s hard to feel sorry for Macho Nacho, Harry Markle’s polo bestie. No one told him ‘lay down with dog biscuits, get up with fleas?’ He 100 deserves all of the contempt coming his way.

On Friday it was announced that Catherine, the Princess of Wales, would be at Saturday’s Trooping the Colour following an almost six-month absence from public duties.

Immediately social started to buzz that Meghan would thrust herself into the spotlight to steal the thunder, and she did not disappoint. No one saw Nacho’s complicity however; is he as dumb as he is beautiful?

Royal Family News: Meghan and Nacho Upstaged Kate

Apparently Macho Nacho is indeed on Harry’s IQ level because he was the one who revealed Meghan’s two new products in his Instagram Stories.

As Marie Claire notes “the timing really was pretty terrible … Meghan trying to upstage Kate, who announced in March that she is battling cancer, detected earlier this year.”

On Sunday someone got to The Daily Beast and clacked: “Meghan’s team reportedly didn’t set out to sabotage Kate” and no one should be mad at poor, innocent Meghan because this horrid display of vanity is all the male model’s fault. Uh huh. As soon as that tripe came out a merciless social media dragged both Megs and her tortilla chip companion with the outlet confirming “critics suspected that Meghan’s fingerprints are all over the affair.”

Tell us royal fans, are you buying Meghan’s latest pathetic excuse, or do you place the blame squarely on her and her Argentinian equestrian?

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  1. Deena says

    Of course the ugly MF hands are all over this, and Nacho’s the psycho Dumbass to go along with what the Devil woman tells him what to do. NF stupid behavior on what he did all for that ugly MF to try and take PC showing at the Kings celebration. The whole world know how evil the Ugly MF is and how MF will nvr change, cus she will always wake up every day hating PC and how the world favors PC over her. MF lives to try and destroy PC and MF nvr will and this is the reason that KC3 and RF shd nvr let the ugly MF bk within the RF, plus no one likes the MF anyway.

  2. Deborah says

    Megan does EVERYTHING with full intent, & she’s does it purposely & intentionally.

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