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Meghan Markle Embarrasses Prince Harry At Polo Event

Meghan Markle sure knows how to make a statement. The Duchess of Sussex’s claws came out this weekend on stage at the Grand Champions Polo Club in Wellington, Florida and dozens of cameras caught the awkward moment.

Hands off Prince Harry, ladies! Here’s what went down when the Markles posed for photos, keep reading for all the awkward details.

It was announced last week that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have two new TV shows in the works at Netflix, and one of those shows will focus on the competitive world of polo.

Ironically, the news broke hours before the former Royal couple took the stage at the Polo Club for the Royal Salute.

Meghan Markle Embarrasses Prince Harry At Polo Event

The Duchess of Sussex’ True Colors

According to on-lookers at the event in Florida, Meghan refused to move over and let another woman pose for the cameras next to her husband Prince Harry. 

The woman stood there awkwardly trying to get in to the shot while Meghan smiled and ordered her to stand on the other side, through what appears to be clenched teeth.

Per a report from Page Six, “Markle stood her ground as an unidentified woman, whom like the “Suits” alum was in a cream-colored dress, did not budge.

The duchess was heard asking, “Do you want to come over here?” Markle then smiled while motioning for the woman to stand on her left side instead, as someone else in the video again suggested, “Come over here.”\

Meghan Markle Victorious

Finally, Meghan seemed to have won the uncomfortable battle over Prince Harry’s good side and her opponent scrambled underneath the trophy that the duchess was holding and lined up on the other side. 

It’s probably also worth mentioning that the woman was wearing the exact same cream color as Harry’s wife.

Did you catch clips of the awkward Meghan moment? Do you think she was worried about someone else posing with Prince Harry?  Or was it more about the fact that their dresses matched? 

Share your thoughts in the comment section below and check back here for The British Royal Family news and updates.

  1. Deborah says

    Of coarse she did. She created her own little scenarios which was her front & center. In all photos, dressed inappropriately, thousands in jewelry, right dead center with everything revolving around her , even bullying someone who dared to try & stand next to Harry. OMG heaven help them.

  2. Maria says

    Your reporting is awful the woman Meghan bullied is Dr. Sophie Chandauka the director of Sentebale. The charity which the polo match was she was supposed to give out the trophy but Pushy Duchess Meghan had to do it like Diana used too. Yes Catherine does it sometimes as well but doesn’t make a fuss over it. What Meghan did was atrocious utterly atrocious. I don’t care if Nutflux is filming it or what she’s being a bully.

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