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Meghan Markle In A Royal Jam, Expects King Charles To Vouch For Her

Meghan Markle In A Royal Jam, Expects King Charles To Vouch For HerBritish royal family news divulges that Nigerian Princess Adetokunbo, aka Meghan Markle, is ready to squash beef with her in-laws for one key reason. Is it an altruistic reason?

Keep reading to discover what allegedly has brought Meghan to her breaking point. Meghan has gone from wearing tiaras in the UK to selling jam in the US. It’s quite a comedown but one the former basic cable actress is ready to accept—on one key condition.

According to the rumor mill, Meghan wants her father-in-law King Charles, who is undergoing prostate cancer treatment, to endorse her cheesy online business.

Royal News- Meghan Wants Something From King Charles

Since 2020 Meghan has watched her second husband Prince Harry travel several times to meet his family but chose not to accompany him. An insider claims that now that Meghan needs something from the royals, she is desperate for a meet-up.

The Duke and Duchess of Excess split from the monarchy in 2020 in order to live authentic lives.

Since then they have brayed about the horrible treatment they received as royals—Meghan was forced to wear muted colors and Harry had his allowance cut off (Harry turns 40 this year).

Royal Family News – Meghan Wants To Be A Jam Maker

It’s been two years since Meghan and Harry appeared together in the UK. At that time they attended the late Queen Elizabeth’s funeral and were booed by the crowds for the traitors they are.

A royal insider claims that Meghan is still smarting from her treatment at the hands of her benefactors.

Royal pundit Angela Levin told GB News: “She’s still genuinely hurt by how she was treated by the Royal Family – this is four years on. And she wants to now at last sit down and talk through things.”

Showing how callous and brittle she is, The Douchess of Sussex expects the royals to drop everything despite Princess Catherine and King Charles continuing to undergo cancer treatments.

But wait, there’s more! According to Levin, Meghan thinks that she deserves a public apology from the Royal Family.

Royal Family News – Meghan Demands an Apology

Levin added that the reason Meghan is offering an olive branch is purely self-centered: she needs to “sell her jams” from her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard.

Even Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie are targets for Meghan “to help her sell her jams. And she’s really hoping that King Charles might take one, too.”

Tell us what you think royal fans, should the royals bend down to Meghan and help her eke out a living in America?

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  1. Giovina says

    No way. I hope King Charles says no strongly to this otherwise he will b in a “jam” with the uk family and uk people. Why should he be stressed by this failing business when he is suffering with cancer and put in the spot whe megain and ginge have been so nasty liars now begging for help fir a failing business Hope he remains strong to say NO How dare she call on the royals to help her after all she has done to them and the uk people

  2. Debby says

    Absolutely NO apologies. NO recommendations from Charles. You brought everything down on your own head with your delusional narcissistic mind.

  3. noellastober says

    This lady is just dense and will ace up to nothing She is a simple narciscist and will always be one Everyone has to help her and meanwhile she can put everyone down and belittle them all. She is a control freak alsol and that is no good because her control is all for her and her only

    She needs plenty of mental help and should get it while she can No one and I mean no one wants to deal with her thus neither should we If we cut her off totally from everything, especially the press what will she do? She will hit rock bottom but keep her down long enough and maybe, just maybe in a few y ears she will see the forest from the trees and then again maybe not

    She is idiot personified

  4. Mark Dooley says

    Harry and Megan should stay in America we don’t need them time they pull there head out of their a@%e and do some real work the less we see of them the better as for Harry it’s about time he grew a pair and put her in her place privilege doesn’t feed you’re kids get a job …..

  5. Carmen says

    The Royals need to get this selfish b&#$tch out of their lives for good. Look what she has done to the family. Harry should leave her and return to his family and country and friends. She has ruined his life. He needs to start a better life without her nauseous demands. She is nothing.

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