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Meghan Markle Is Andy Cohen’s REAL Fantasy

British royal family news reveals that schlockmeister Andy Cohen knows who he wants next for his Real Housewives franchise—Meghan “The Duchess” Markle. What do you think?

Royal Family News – Andy Cohen Loves MM

Cohen showcased his Meghan love at the BravoCon 2023. When asked who he thought would be a great addition to the on an all-new “Real Housewives” spinoff, he spouted without hesitation “Meghan Markle. That would be interesting.” But would it really?

Markle and her Prince, Harry, live in a starter mansion in Montecito, California. They relocated in 2020 after defecting from the UK monarchy.

Royal Family News – Meghan Mad To Be A Housewife?

Cohen loves him some Meghan; They are cut from the same cheesecloth. He appeared on her Spotify podcast “Archetypes” along with the likes of fellow diva Mariah Carey.

Meghan Markle Is Andy Cohen’s REAL Fantasy

When rumors floated that Markle wasn’t the one to interview her guests, and only bothered to later record voiceovers as if she was there, Cohen claimed the speculation was “insane.”

Royal Family News – Andy Cohen Wants Meghan Markle

Of the bruhaha he told Us Weekly “Of course, I [spoke with Meghan], And she definitely [interviewed me]. That’s an insane rumor. Her podcast is conversations with people. How would she not have, of course she did.”

Cohen declared that Markle was “well-researched” “well-informed” and “thoughtful.”

Royal Family News – Meghan & Andy Should Get Along Famously

On “Archetypes” it was also revealed that Markle was vetoed for the Bravo show, “Watch What Happens Live,” after the casting producers took a hard pass on Princess Pinocchio. Without a bit of irony, Cohen called the pass the “biggest blunder in the 13 years of the show.”

But, the former basic cable actress has no work to show for herself in years, even after signing with WME talent agency. Would she really be a good Housewife? What would she complain about expect her her famous in-laws?

Despite Andy’s enthusiasm, some fans aren’t so sure with one commenting “Markle couldn’t handle not being the center of attention … Markle needs to be in complete control, because she is super thin-skinned, as evidenced by how easily rattled and threatened she became when Mariah Carey called her a “diva” during their interview.

Markle lost her composure and revealed her insecurity.” That sounds like perfect Housewife material, doesn’t it—what do you think royal fans?

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