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Meghan Markle Might Get Dropped From Her Talent Agency

And so the fallout continues. There’s a new report that suggests Meghan Markle might get dropped from her talent agency over Omid Scobie’s new book, Endgame.

That’s because there’s so much controversy surrounding the book as a Dutch translation accidentally outed two members of the royal family as racists. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Might Get Dropped From Her Talent Agency

According to royal author and expert Angela Levin, she believes that many people in Hollywood, along with Meghan’s own talent agency, are “horrified” and maybe even a little disgusted over the scandal that Omid Scobie’s book, Endgame, has once again brought so much royal drama that a lot of people think is unnecessary.

Meghan Markle Might Get Dropped From Her Talent Agency

But for Meghan Markle, she might feel the repercussions the most. That’s because Endgame might ruin not only her reputation for good, but also tarnish the Sussex brand.

Levin put it this way,They said they were ‘horrified’, that can’t just be about the two names that were mentioned, it must be about their client, Meghan. It seems to me that they will think very carefully what they do next. I have never heard such a well known agency be clear with how they feel.”

Royal Family News: Is Meghan Going To Lose Her Hollywood Contacts?

She continued, “Meghan needs to be very careful. A lot of people have dropped her. The agency have told her to ‘stop moaning’, because people are ‘getting fed up’ with it. If they know feel they have an even harder job to do in order to get her famous, it’s going to be difficult.”

So far Meghan herself has not made any comments about the matter but sources say that both she and Harry did not contribute to Omid’s book.

Now, whether or not that is true remains to be seen. Maybe people believe that Omid’s number one source might have been the Duchess of Sussex herself.

So far Buckingham Palace has also remained silent about the controversy. 

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  1. Kat gremillion says

    As soon as someone filed a defamation lawsuit or to get answers. All the walls will crumble around Megan and her friend. She could not keep her mouth shut.
    She talked so much and now it’s all coming back . If she writes her own book about the royals.
    She might as well leave country change her name and get a complete new plastic surgeon .

    All could have been avoided and everyone could have lived a we wonderful life. If it would have been any other female than her.
    She is do destructive it appears.

  2. Fosty says

    I just feel so very sorry for Prince Harry who doesn’t seem to be the happy and cheerful fellow that he used to be. WHAT does do for a living? He surely can’t live on his inheritance for ever, and still afford all those designer clothes for his wife. He doesn’t look like the really HAPPY CHAPPIE, that he used to be, only really when he was at the Invictus games which he started.

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