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Meghan Markle Refuses To “Allow” Prince Harry to Apologize To King Charles

Meghan Markle Refuses To “Allow” Prince Harry to Apologize To King CharlesBritish royal family news shows that Clown Prince Harry torched his family and the monarchy in his trashy 2023 self-named memoir, Spare. Speculation is that if Harry apologizes, the rift he and his wife Meghan Markle created four years ago would begin to mend. But one royal expert thinks that there is one person who will not allow Harry to do the right thing. Keep reading to discover who could be standing in the way of royal family peace.

Royal Family News – Is Meghan A Roadblock?

Royal expert Dee Dee Dunleavy told Sky News Australia host Rita Panahi that there is “one person” who could be keeping Harry from healing his family estrangement. Can you guess who that would be?

Dunleavy claims that Meghan is preventing her second husband from making peace with his father, King Charles.

It’s been reported that the regent would love to put aside Harry’s anger and resentment so that he can grow closer to his grandchildren, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. However, Dunleavy thinks that Meghan Markle won’t “allow” it.

Will Harry Obey Meghan?

She predicted that Harry “is not going to apologize, at least not while he is still with Meghan. I really do believe he does her bidding and she is never going to allow him to apologize to the family.”

According to Pop Culture, there are some royal family members who would welcome a reunion with Harry, but first he must apologize for the way he trashed the clan in Spare.

In the NSFW 2023 memoir Harry went to town attacking his family, claiming that he got into a physical fight with William over Meghan, with the end result being Harry’s broken necklace. That’s not all that’s broken.

Royal Family News – Harry Called Out Queen Camilla

In Spare, Harry labeled King Charles’s second wife Queen Camilla a “wicked stepmother” and he printed Princess Catherine’s private emails.

Harry and Meghan got the nasty ball rolling with a tawdry Oprah Winfrey interview in 2021 following their 2020 defection to America.

Despite all that Meghan and Harry have done to ransack the monarchy, sources told New Idea that the king thinks that “this feud has gone on for far too long, and Charles is anxious to sort it out.”

Royal Family News – Will Charles Forgive Harry’s Multitude of Sins?

Not everyone thinks that Charles is keen to reconcile however. Grant Harrold was once King Charle’s butler and he told the New York Post that “the only way I see this happening is a public statement from

Harry, where you come out and say that you were in a bad space and that [Spare] was a mistake.”
Harrold is not counting on Harry to apologize: “I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Some bad things were said, and some families never patch things up, and that’s how it is forevermore.”

Tell us royal fans, does Harry deserve a second chance with his family?
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  1. Trish says

    Please don’t yell at me but Harry and Charles nee to both grow a pair. Their wives are running this show ..

  2. Erin says

    Harry has no spine because MM uses it to bash him over the head with it. She’s only using for his connection to the Royal Family.

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