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Meghan Markle Sources Point Finger At Kate Middleton, Claim She Won’t Kiss And Make Up?

British royal family news indicates that there is no love lost between Princess Kate and Meghan Markle. Does the alleged animosity date back to Meghan’s infamous wedding to Prince Harry?

Here’s what we know about the supposed feud between the royal and the ex basic cable actress and how it is affecting modern day peace efforts.

Royal Family News – Meghan And Harry Married In 2018

Prince Harry flew to the U.K. this month after it was reported that his father King Charles is battling cancer. For whatever reason, Meghan Markle decided to stay home.

Harry did not take that opportunity to take his children and he met with his father for less than an hour before heading to a hotel for the night.

Meghan Markle Sources Point Finger At Kate Middleton, Claim She Won’t Kiss And Make Up?

Us Weekly talked to two sources close to Harry who had nothing but good things to say about Meghan and Harry, but not so much about Kate Middleton.

According to the sources (Scooby Doo, is that you?) the tacky twosome is ready and willing to reconcile with the clan, but suggested that Kate is holding things up.

According to Pop Culture, Kate “might be the slowest to make up with Markle … because of the way she treated Princess Charlotte at her wedding in 2018.”

Royal News – Is Kate Refusing To Kiss And Make Up?

One source spilled that “Kate is open to reconciling, though with Harry more so than Meghan. She still has some hurt feelings over what Meghan did to her and Charlotte. There is work to do, but she’s willing to move forward.”

If you haven’t heard the about the infamous alleged wedding tiff between the ladies, here is what happened.

According to sources, “Middleton’s daughter Princess Charlotte was a bridesmaid at Markle’s royal wedding, and at the time reporters heard about a disastrous dress-fitting. They said that Markle was at odds with Middleton and that Middleton ultimately left the fitting in tears.”

Royal Family News – Meghan’s Version Of The Truth

But Meghan told Oprah this about her supposed wedding dress behavior: “The reverse happened.” She blamed the media for the bruhaha stating “They really seemed to want a narrative of a hero and a villain.”

Who’s version of events do you believe royal fans? Regardless of which woman is more trustworthy, the Markle sources told the outlet that “Meghan has contacted Kate and Charles.

So moves are being made to reconcile. Meghan is supportive of Harry in all of this, and she wishes the royals – Kate included – the very best.”

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  1. Cally says

    Nope I wouldn’t Traci kiss and make up with a witch from Montecito. I’ve heard witches put poison on their lips. Besides she’s just trying now all of a sudden to make up to get titles back. She hadn’t given it a thought before King Charles finally gutted up and got rid of them. I’m so proud of him. Montecito witch will put a dagger in anyone’s back to get rid of all the royalty. Harry will get it one day. And it may be soon than later since she’s lost everything. I’m so glad it’s all finally coming to an end. But she will have to be watched the rest of her natural life. She has a death wish and it’s not her. Be careful royals. Stand strong.

    1. Kandie says

      I agree, Rachel is only saying this because she wants to look better. But it’s to late. She’s just a want to be ‘B’ rated actress. She couldn’t make her way in America so she had a part on suits. Before that she was on a game show in America. None of us knew who she was. Kate and the Royals are better off without her.

  2. tracy coon says

    why should she? megan has been absolutely vile to her and her whole family. they only want to kiss and make up now because they’re running out of money.

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