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Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Told To SHUT-UP, Oprah Interview “Worse Than a Crime”

Royal Family News: Meghan Told To SHUT-UP, Oprah Interview “Worse Than a Crime”British royal family news teases that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s tell-all 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey greatly contributed to their reps as “unkind and cruel” for the way they bit into, chewed up and spit out his family.

The ugly repercussions from their vicious treatment of the monarchy rage on, and now Lady Antonia Fraser, a prominent royal biographer, is speaking out about the unrepentant pair.

Royal Family News: The Markles are Dragged

Fraser has a number of books under her belt and she’s talking about the royal runaways after it was revealed this week that the Duke and Duchess of Excess are returning to the U.K., “as part of a European visit in early September to participate in charity events.”

Fraser told The Daily Telegraph that she was once one of Meghan’s biggest fans.

Royal Family News: Meghan’s Fan Club

According to Fraser, “When Meghan first came to this country, I was very much in favor of her as an independent force—in order to remain the same, you must change. I wrote her a letter. I said, ‘Do not reply’; I was just talking about independent women in history I’ve written about.”

“I sent it to Frogmore [where the Sussexes then lived]. It came back, saying, ‘Not known at this address.'” So many interpretations to be made here ….

Fraser’s opinion, along with millions of other decent people, changed when she and Harry and Oprah savaged his family and the monarchy in their heinous March 2021 interview.

But what did she really think of their clownish display of brattiness?

Royal Family News: The Markles Are Not Liked

Fraser said this: “Now I’m afraid [the interview with] Oprah Winfrey was worse than a crime; it was a mistake.” She also groups Meghan and Harry with Prince Andrew. Andrew and his friendship with dead convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has been his downfall. The nail in the coffin came in February when he settled a sexual assault lawsuit against him by Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre.

“I just wish vainly she’d shut up,” Fraser said. “And Prince Harry. And Prince Andrew.”

Who does Fraser see as being an asset to the monarchy? She said, “I’d like to see another photograph by the Duchess of Cambridge rather than read another thing about Prince Harry.” Preach, sister.

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  1. Paulette says

    I think it is time Harry put his big girl panties on and tell Megan to zip her mouth and learn to get along. Harry need to wear the pants and not Megan. She is to pushy. They need to be there with the family.
    Megan is just out for her self

  2. Karen Espinosa says

    I agree with Paulette.

  3. Lynn says

    I agree, they both need to shut up! We do not want to hear their opinions about anything! They have no right to tell us what we should and shouldn’t do or say or feel! They can talk about the environment and than off jetting somewhere spewing pollution, while their mansion is using up a ton of electric etc.! They are making do many mistakes themselves but think they have rights to spew at us! Leave already!

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