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Meghan Markle Values Her Political Ambition Above Family

Meghan Markle Will Meghan Markle ever return to her spurned role as a senior member of the British royal family? According to royal watcher Penny Junor, Meghan’s return is a complete non-issue.

“I can’t see Meghan ever wanting a way back,” she told U.K.’s Mirror on Wednesday. According to Junor, Meghan’s political ambitions, which have been on full display lately, will keep her in the US where she is welcome to spout her opinions and vote to her heart’s content.

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Junor says, “What she discovered in her brief spell as a working member, is the British royal family is no place for someone with political ambition. This centuries-old institution provides an unparalleled platform for charitable work — to change and improve people’s lives — but it is not the springboard for changing the world — however the burning and evident the need.”

She thinks that Prince Harry has other priorities, however.

“His passion is — or certainly was — for helping people who were disadvantaged in one way or another, especially children,” she said. “And that was where he was so very talented. Because he had such a difficult childhood, he could empathize with others in a similar boat. He may have lived in grand houses and palaces and been the queen’s grandson, but the loss is no less painful because you have Rembrandts on the wall and your granny wears a crown.”

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Ironically, Junor makes it clear that Harry has a strong ability to press the flesh, which would certainly serve him well in politics.

She explained, “He can get alongside people in a compelling way and, whatever age, color, creed or background of the person he’s talking to, he’s engaged in their story, he’s on the same wavelength, utterly genuine and spontaneous, often making them laugh, and people respond well to that.”

Sorry, Ms. Junor, but in the last six months, Hostage Harry has seemed the opposite of genuine and spontaneous, and the only thing he’s done for many Americans, who compose the biggest melting pot in the world, rubs them the wrong way.

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Yet Junor seems to think that Harry is a, “very gifted leader, able to motivate a team of people while earning their respect and affection.” This is not the preachy Harry the US has been treated to! But according to her, Harry, “appeared to be so committed to helping others that it seemed inconceivable, after that, that Harry would ever walk away. Maybe one day he will find his way back.”

It would be nice to see the version of Harry that Junor describes. But since he emigrated to the states the veddy British prince has stuck his nose into a political landscape in which he doesn’t belong and his garnering respect and affection after the way he’s behaved in the states frankly laughable.

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    Egotistical Worthless Selfish Narcissists who r really full of themselves. They r full of fight but have alienated all those who loved them so they should b left alone to fight amongst themselves.

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