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Meghan Markle Wants Prince Harry To Live In UK House

Meghan Markle has found herself in quite the predicament.  She can’t divorce Prince Harry and lose her Duchess of Sussex title and all of the royal family perks she swears she doesn’t receive.  But, he’s cramping her style in California.

My how the tables have turned for the royal couple.  It was just five years ago that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were married and said “I Do.” 

Anyone who follows the royal family knows that Harry has been spiraling since leaving the royal family and his home in the UK.  And, his shenanigans are starting to hurt Meghan Markle’s brand.

Prince Harry Is Slowing Meghan Markle Down

We still are a little confused about what exactly Meghan Markle is branding herself for.  At this point, Meghan’s not even sure if she wasn’t to be an actress, an advocate, a blogger, a housewife, or the President of the United States. 

Meghan Markle Wants Prince Harry To Live In UK House

One thing Meghan is sure of is Prince Harry hanging on to her coattails is only killing her opportunities.

Meghan Markle has had a bad year.  There was the Netflix bomb, the Spotify drama, her husband’s embarrassing memoir “Spare,” and basically becoming the laughing stock of American media. 

According to multiple reports and supposed insiders, Meghan Markle is blaming her fall from good graces on Prince Harry.  The Duchess of Sussex is convinced her husband is killing her image and making her lose deals with major companies.

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Isn’t it ironic that Meghan needs Harry, but also needs him to stay away from her in order to maintain her lifestyle? 

Multiple outlets reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are searching for a house to purchase near London as a “UK base.”  Prince Harry thinks he’s leading the project and it’s his idea.

UK House Is Perfect Solution To Meghan Markle’s Problem

What he doesn’t realize is Meghan is supporting him in hopes that he will spend more and more time in the UK and not in California. 

Imagine all of the events Meghan Markle could attend if wet blanket Harry wasn’t in Montecito with her. 

Do you think Meghan wants Harry to move back to London, but stay legally married to her?  Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep checking back here for more royal family news and updates.

  1. Deb says

    Well she certainly is a piece of work. She’s blaming him when she’s the issue and I hope he decides to divorce her.

    1. Norman says

      I agree with Deb 100%

    2. Victoria says

      I totally agree with you. He needs to wake up and get back with his family before more damage is done.

      1. Wendy says

        He is with his family. Once you’re married and have children they are your #1 priority (family)

    3. Mike Willemin says

      meg was never an A list actress. I really don’t think they thought this through. I think William was right. They weren’t together long enough and they don’t share the same goals. Harry blew it with his family by airing his dirty laundry on TV and a book. Harry was used to being told what to do every minute of every day. Now he does not !have the celebrity that was the royal family. Now he wants back in.

    4. Teresa Jaegel says

      She took advantage of a gentle soul. I don’t think she ever loved him. He was a path to what she thought she could manipulate to her advantage. The world loves her husband & saw him follow his mother to her grave. I hope Megan gets what she deserves. Their children should go with their father & the family that will truly love them & protect them in London.

      1. Marlene says

        So very true

      2. Peggy G says

        I think you are correct.

    5. Patricia says

      She wants her cake and eat it too. Harry is whipped and deserves what he get after being a traitor to his country and family. He is a BIG disapointmen to his Mom. The UK doesn’t want either of them and neither does USA. They might as well pick another country. One that they can’t be news worthy. They can take their friend Scooby Doo with them.

    6. RevClaire says


    7. SUE Shepard says

      You are 100% correct. It’s not Harry it’s his wife. He could do better without her but you also have to think he has his children to think about.

    8. Marlene says

      Harry have to decide before it’s too late for the kids future

    9. Diane Beeson says

      Me too!

    10. Matilda Flippo says

      I agree, he should take the children and divorce her.

  2. Kate Clark says

    Yes I think Harry should move back to the UK and take his son with him because he was born in the UK. Just like his dad was leave the mother and the daughter in California he should sell the mansion that he lives in get her a little ranch house somewhere in California but her and the daughter live there they should split custody that she has a daughter for a month and then he has a daughter for a month and then the Sun goes back to California with his mother if they have to stay married because of financial situations then said they should just do a legal separation let him go back to the UK to build his relationship once again with his father and his brother and his sister-in-law I don’t think Megan should have a say in any of it even though I am married I don’t ask my husband I just tell him what I’m doing whether he likes it or not

    1. Chrys says

      At least we now have a picture of your view of marriage. Hopefully someday, your husband will and move back to be with his mother and his brother, sisters-in-law. Flower head.

      1. Front Desk says
      2. Sue says

        Herry needs to get rid of her She is trouble and divorce is the only answer. She has pulled him down since they married. He was not thinking when he married her. He could only see her looks he was blinded.

  3. Judy says

    I do not like Megan. She’s ruining Harrys life
    I wish he’d divorce her and move back with his family

    1. Rachel says

      I totally agree. Harry needs his family. He misses his brother and family.

  4. Amanda says

    They should both go back to the UK. No one cares about either of then in the U.S. When his mommy’s money runs out she will divorce Harry.

  5. Leah says

    Lmfao for 4 years now the media has been calling them moserable with each other, and they just keep living their best lives. Be mad…they clearly don’t care.

  6. Anna D says

    I’m really disliking her more and more. What woman wouldn’t want her status in life. I’m believing there’s more than what’s being said from her.. he deserves better in life and hopefully he will make the right choice
    She’s pathetic in my mind

  7. Wanda says

    She wants to have it both ways. She is a hypocrite and all she wanted was attention. She thinks that her speaking on issues of empowerment makes her look important. I honestly feel she is so phony.

  8. Wake Upski says

    I don’t understand why people give a second of Brain power on this subject. I read the article and I am a little confused how the author of the blog ( it’s a blog because all I read was an opinion and no factual data) says that she pretty much knows more than Harry about his marriage to his wife. Also I find it disheartening to read the underlying tones of racism. I bet if she was a white Anglo there would be zero issues with her. Additionally I think it so hypocritical of people specifically in the UK to gossip so much about other people especially those that look different from them. Last time I checked when they crowned the new “King” they did it with the help of the Catholic Church and had a very religious ceremony. I know that you all View your king as the ruler of the land but if he is anointed to the seat of power by God then why is there so much judgement amongst the people in the UK?

    I mean the king is not God almighty. He is a human being who cheated on his wife whom at the time had children but no one says anything to point that out. Also if you all think that Harry is a bad person then guess what. He only does what he learned from his environment he grew up in. So blame the parents. Ohh that’s right Charles was too busy cheating on his wife who now gets the privilege of being married to the “king”. Wait so let me say that again. Charles wife was killed while he was actively having an affair then later marries her. Hmmm how convenient but ohhh noo that can never happen right??? White privilege at its best in full display! The crown is nothing more then an organized crime group who steal land / gold / resources/ rape / pillage and murder innocent people. The gold and jewels adorned on the royal family are all stolen and are stained with the blood of the indigenous people they killed to steal from.

  9. Susan says

    How about everyone staying out of Prince Harry and Meghan ‘s business and let them decide what is best for themselves! Not knowing both sides of the story is why everyone needs to butt out!!

    1. GiGi says

      Maybe if they don’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry in their business, they could quit putting it front and center fir the world to comment on. They have created 99% of this mess themselves. They both want everything both ways! Frankly, the world doesn’t work like that. The sooner they learn it, the better off they will both be. Just go live live their lives and shut up about it!

  10. Bertha Bauer says

    Who cares?

  11. Maria Beckwith says

    Bye-bye Megan! Harry is so far out of your league. You drag him down with your ego. Disgusting .
    Hope he gets home ASAP and sees his kids regularly

  12. Jule says

    I agree with Deb.
    GO HOME Prince Harry, save yourself while you can. Stress and drama will follow her all the days of her “Karen” life, complaining and blaming others for her issues.

  13. Carolyn says

    Harry, please just divorce he, now.

  14. Judy says

    Kick the bitch to the side- go for full custody of both children- liver happily ever after and have your children raised in the royal family! You can give her 2 weeks visitation rights per year in England supervised

  15. Peggy says

    Of course she thinks only of Megan and as Harry told the Queen whatever Megan wants Megan gets. He should work things out with his Father, Brother and Sister in law the take his kids and headbback to UK and live his life making a difference and stop whining.

  16. Susan says

    Leave her and divorce her she don’t need to be with you the way she is taking about please take your baby with you she don’t deserve you

  17. Betty says

    For Megan that would be the perfect solution. But I can t see,Harry doing it unless his finally grew a back bone. But from where i sit Harry is still the lap dog doing his horrendous antics to his family right there beside her and Scoble is just the recent idiot they are using.

  18. Laura Mahabhashyam says

    I hate divorce because it generally means that the children are the pawns. But if it comes to the point of divorce then Harry should go to his family and give them a heart felt apology for the damages he caused and ask them for forgiveness then move himself back to England and if possible get the custody of the children and prove they would be better protected and provided for in England.

  19. Rosa says

    Just let them be! All of this negativity is pitiful!
    Nobody doesn’t talk negative of Prince William and his wife like that! Wishing ill on Harry and his wife is tacky and rather bias!

    1. Carey says

      Thank you for saying that! They don’t know the couple so how can they know what’s going on in their life. Who cares anyway!? If the marriage is meant to last it will last.

  20. Glenda McCarty says

    I hope Prince Harry Divorces her she Just using him I hope he wakes up to see what she’s doing. From what I read she does not care about him Because if she did she wouldn’t be treating him like this. She would be a good housewife and a good And honor her royalty duties She can have her cake and eat it too as the oh saying goes. And I also read something about her engagement ring Personally I think she probably sold it .

  21. Sonny says

    I think Megan is a real piece of work. It’s all about her. Price Harry was doing fine in the UK till he met this piece of work. I think you should go back to the UK make Nice nice with his family and move on with his life. Make up with his brother and his father and enjoy the rest of his life and with all their money, he could probably even get custody of his children

  22. Linda Poole says

    Harry needs to dump Megan asap. She’s hurting him more then helping him. She only cares about herself!

  23. Kiki says

    I totally agree with Deb. Harry should divorce her…it’s sad how she destroyed his relationship with his family and making him move to I really hooe he takes the kids with him too!!!

  24. D. A. says

    Harry- kick Meghan to the curb, grab the kids and head back to London. With all she wants to the kids will soon enough be her next point to detraction. Can’t do what I want because of the kids. Save the airfair and just take them with you.

  25. Dawn says

    Harry should take those children back to England as they belong to the crown and then divorce her so that his father can strip her of any royal title or privileges. KICK her to the curb Harry

  26. Chantel says

    I agree that Harry does not seem too happy here. I think the fact that things have gotten so bad between him and his family in the U.K. could be behind it. If he were to return there to see if it could help fix that mess, it might be a good idea.

  27. Betty says

    Megan does not Harry even if he is her husband. She would leave him and would what she always a Nobody. Harry take your kids and go home to your family. All she wants is what she ca get out of you. Go home to your Father the King and stepmother the Queenv also your brother and sister -In- Law who loves you and not Megan who has turned you from your family who she hates b

  28. Myra says

    Leave her in USA the kids will go with Harry nothing she can do about that they come under King Charles so she can either go with them or stay her alone

  29. Rebecca says

    The perfect plan for Megan would be this~~ Let Harry go back and live in the UK so that she can “live her life” in Cali. Harry would no longer be underfoot. They could stay legally married, and she could continue to enjoy perks and notoriety. It’s a win for him and a win for her. She gets to keep her title and her connection to royalty. He gets to go home. Now what about those kids? Grandma Doria could handle them and keep them out from under her feet. She might even let them go to visit Harry for vacations once in a while-a break from the demands of just being a mom. If she lets the children go completely, she lets go of a financial meal ticket. Harry could still have his kids to some extent (like a custody plan without the divorce). Then Meg could hold onto her “fame” hobnobbing with the rich and famous!

  30. Karen says

    She is manipulating him but he needs to get a backbone!!! ❤

  31. Susanne says

    He should take children and move to im and kick her ass to the curb all she has done is ruin his life

  32. Ofelia says

    I really don’t like Evan for Harry. She seems to care only for herself. Harry should talk to her heart to heart that he plans to go back to UK with their children. That have a better future in UK with the royal family. Let Megan lives by herself & do whatever she wanted to do. After she is not helping Harry instead she is dragging him down. They are not match as Megan has a very strong personality & Harry is a very soft kind of a gentleman. I wouldn’t be surprised if all what’s happening in their life it’s always Megan’s way & Harry just agree & follows her so there will be no arguments. I’m so sad for Harry. He is better off going back to his family with his children & start a new life. He is too young to live a miserable life he is a Royal blood & respected around the world. Think about it Harry wake up!

  33. Valerie says

    Megan has made everyone hate Prince Harry ..He a good guy just been through way to much and for them to be married she wanted her cake and ice cream but not do anything ..Prince Harry take your children and run cause Megan will not treat the daughter better or the son cause everytime she looks at kids she will think of Prince Harry and take it out on the kids and no child should be done that way ..Sorry but never liked Megan at all so prince harry run with your kids back to UK and never speak to her again

  34. Dan says

    I think that what she did to Prince Harry. She was never a good actress and she just wanted to act like she was the Queen. I think the best Harry could do is get rid of her.

  35. MaryAnn says

    My opinion is that Karma’s a bitch named Megan. Does she and Harry both think that after all the hurt they did to his family ( including his Queen and grandmother), that it’ll all be forgiven and forgotten? Oh well, their great master plan backfired. Sometimes, even the best of relationships must sever all ties because there is just too much damage to forgive.

  36. Terri Miller says

    Why is it that we never see Archie? If he is darker, who cares!!

  37. Susie says


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