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Meghan Markle: What Cancer? Check Out My Turkey Brine!

Meghan Markle is moving full steam ahead with her big rebranding, despite Prince Harry’s family’s cancer crisis.  The Royal Family is falling apart at the seams, and Meghan Markle wants to share her favorite turkey brine on Netflix. 

Is Meghan’s media blitz a coincidence, or is she an opportunistic monster?  Keep reading for all the details, here’s what’s happening with the Royals.

In February news broke that King Charles had cancer, and Prince Harry jetted off to London to check on his dad. 

Coincidentally, King Charles’ cancer news and Kate Middleton’s surgery coverage hit newsstands during the same period of time that Meghan Markle announced her new endeavor, a lifestyle company called American Riviera Orchard.

Meghan Markle: What Cancer? Check Out My Turkey Brine!

What Is American Riviera Orchard

Apparently, American Riviera Orchard is a lifestyle brand curated by the Duchess of Sussex herself. 

Meghan Markle will be sharing her favorite yoga mats and recipes on blogs, podcasts, and apparently a new TV show.

Just a few short weeks ago the Royal Family revealed in an official statement that Kate Middleton was also battling cancer, not just King Charles. 

The news sent shockwaves across the world.  So, Meghan Markle announced she had a new TV show coming to Netflix.

There’s a right time and a wrong time for everything.  Either Meghan Markle can’t read the room for the life of her, or Prince Harry’s wife is truly heartless. 

While everyone is focused on King Charles and Kate Middleton’s cancer battles, Meghan will be at the Netflix studios showing off her gardening prowess and sharing her favorite recipes.

Meghan Markle’s TV Show

According to Newsweek, “On April 11, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s Archewell Productions company announced two new projects, one of which it has been revealed will focus primarily on the duchess’ lifestyle interests.  The announcement said that the series will be “curated” by Meghan and will focus on being a celebration of the “joys of cooking & gardening, entertaining, and friendship.”

Do you think that Meghan Markle’s media blitzes are just a sad attempt to steal the Royals’ cancer thunder? 

Or is it just a coincidence that she always follows the Royals’ announcements with her own announcements?

Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep checking back here for more Royal news and updates.

  1. Valerie says

    I am not saying that the health news of the Royal Family is not a sad subject, but why should she stop her life for people who did not treat her well. I am sure if she was contacting them to see if she could help, rhe media would brand her a suck up. Just leave her alone. She is trying to live her life.

  2. GMA says

    That’s just like the ugly MF she’s the Devils spawn and totally knows it. Evil to the core MF is and PH is deathly afraid of her and that’s why he won’t lv her. Yeah PH got himself into a horrible situation so he’s ruined for life. He can’t go bk hm cus no one wants him bk.

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