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Meghan Markle’s Spitefulness Backfires On Her In The Worst Way

Meghan Markle’s Spitefulness Backfires On Her In The Worst WayAt this point, she might as well just let go of whatever resentment she has for the royal family because it’s really not doing her any favors. Or at least, that’s what her critics seem to believe.

Royal Family News – Meghan Markle’s Spitefulness Backfires On Her In The Worst Way

That’s because there’s heavy speculation that suggests the Duchess of Sussex purposely debuted another flavor of jam from her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, on the same say at Trooping the Colors in the UK.

And while Meghan Markle might have wanted to steal King Charles’ thunder on a day that was supposed to be his official birthday celebration, her plan backfired on her.

That’s because it was the first time that Kate Middleton was seen in public since December. As many royal fans already know, the Princess of Wales is currently undergoing chemotherapy for her cancer diagnosis.

And of course, Kate Middleton looked radiant, despite her current health condition. All eyes were certainly on her.

Royal Family News – Meghan’s Timing Is All Off Again

For Meghan Markle, this just goes to prove once again that her timing has been off this entire year.

While no one knows if the Duchess of Sussex certainly wanted to be spiteful towards the royals, the fact that she even released her new flavor of jam on the same day as Trooping the Colors suggests that she is trying to compete for attention with the royals.

And while Meghan might be in her own little world as she constantly tries to compete with the royal family, a lot of her critics are saying that the move was quite petty, especially given the fact that both King Charles and Kate Middleton are dealing with the cancer battles right now.

To make things even worse for Meghan, everyone is clearly on Kate Middleton’s team right now as they want to see her get back to being healthy again.

That said, no one seems to even care about Meghan and her jams and what the flavor of her month is.

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  1. Minnie Sefton says

    This awful person needs to craw back under the rock she came from. She is and never will be in the class as the royal family. Harry needs to grow up .the more she shows her colors the more pathetic she is. Get a life and quit trying to be something you will never be.all you got is stupid harry hopefully he will grow up soon . Want to see what a class act and a lady is look at Princess Catherine and you will never come close to her you couldn’t even be the dirt on her shoes .

    1. Sharon Copley says

      I cannot stand Meagan Markel. Why the prince picked her, I will never know.

  2. Rita Ford says

    The woman has no shame. She may have some followers, but she will never be able to complete with princess Kate. She’s not even in the same league as Kate. Kate is kind, and beautiful inside and out. Megan is pretty on the outside, but pure evil on the inside. She wants to think the world reveals around her. But she is so wrong. I really feel sorry for her kids, if she really has kids

  3. Martha says

    I honestly can’t imagine a person filling their life with unnecessary jealously and pettiness. What a waste of precious time. All Markle has to do is “let it go”. Markle will NEVER be in the same class as the magnificent Princess Catherine. Neither will I ever be. But she can show respect to the monarchy and all of Harrys family. But maybe her ways are her own and she has no chance of change. Sad really. Markle could have been a great asset. But she has proven to be evil and vile. Time to forget about Markle and Harry. I wish them well…but leave Princess Catherine alone. Remember one thing Markle…Cancer is a bitch. I know! And one day you may have to face the big “C”. Are you going to brave it alone? Grow up and mature.

  4. Suzanne Erwin says

    People are so sick of this pathetic Markle. NO one cares about her. It’s just too bad Harry doesn’t have a back bone toʻ stand up to his horrible wife. She will never be liked. All she cares about is herself and fancy clothes. I feel sorry for the children as she uses them as pawns.

  5. Mary says

    She’s a horrible person.

  6. Debby says

    Of COARSE Megan’s jam previewed on TOC in England. It’s her usual one-up. She has to put her face & name upfront. But good news Safeway Store’s have fancy little jar of jams, that look just like Megan’s for $7.99‼️‼️. Grab yours 4 flavors

  7. Giovina says

    What a waste of time listening to these two jealous liars immature and narcissistic pathetic and spiteful. They are heading for failure and no friends or connections wish the king and parliament would strip their titles

  8. Dogmom5 says

    The day was to celebrate Charles birthday and he chose to change tradition and have Catherine stand beside him on the balcony, what a beautiful way to show support not just for Catherine but for himself. Megan and Harry will never come close to the royal family. In my opinion they are both immature, unimportant brats and they can’t handle the position they put themselves in, no one did it to or for them. Would be nice if parliament stripped them of their titles and Charles could exile them from all Commonwealth Countries and disown both of them. I understand him wanting to have a relationship with the two grandkids, if they truly are his biological grandkids, but they don’t really know him or the rest of the family so stop playing games with their parents. I’m not from England but am a third generation from Scotland.

  9. Deena says


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