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Not President Markle – But Maybe Meghan Plans To Run for Congress!

Meghan Markle iMany may have heard rumors online that Meghan Markle is basically a shoo-in for the American presidency. Indeed, British bookmakers (a bookie or turf accountant) put odds of 66-1 that Meghan Markle would become the president of the United States of America at some point in the future.

As Coral’s John Hill said back in June of 2020, “It would come as no surprise to us if Meghan Markle had political aspirations so we are not ruling her out as having a shot at entering the White House. We have Meghan in our betting to be the Democratic nominee for the 2032 presidential election and with Harry by her side, they could be a formidable pair.”

Mr. Hill was not alone in these sentiments as Meghan Markle cheerleader, Omid Scobie has also made public comments concerning the duchess running for the White House one day. The co-author of “Finding Freedom” suggested that, “Meghan is the embodiment of the American dream. One day we may see Meghan become president.”

However, the very idea of Meghan Markle ever becoming president of the United States has caused some to speak of the idea with utter derision. For example, the British journalist Piers Morgan noted with the contempt, “I have serious ambitions to be Pope – and have more chance of realizing them than this ludicrously deluded woman.”

Maybe Not The Presidency For Meghan, But Congress Instead

While not many are taking the idea of a Markle presidency seriously, some British commentators are suggesting that Meghan Markle could run for a seat in the U.S. Congress. For example, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams points to Meghan Markle’s recent political activism, noting that the words coming out of the duchess’s mouth “makes sense” for someone who might be planning a future political campaign.

Specifically, Mr. Fitzwilliams said, “Looking very broadly to the future, we know what she believes, we know she would be an ideal Democratic Party Congresswoman, or perhaps even higher who knows.” As for why Mr. Fitzwilliams believes this, he said, “you definitely see the activist side coming out of her (Meghan Markle) and you see this a lot now.”

Meghan Might Have To Lose Her Titles

In order to run for political office in the United States of America, some believe that Meghan Markle would have to give up any pretense to royalty. Her marriage to Prince Harry might be called into question, as some would likely accuse Meghan of being influenced in one way or another by “foreign agents or foreign powers.”
However, that time isn’t now and commentators such as Mr. Fitzwilliams see nothing wrong with Meghan Markle voicing her opinion or becoming politically active in the U.S. as she is still an American citizen regardless of her status as a (former) senior royal.

Indeed, Mr. Fitzwilliams said that “She’s an American citizen she can do broadly what she likes. If she went into politics she would handle the Duchess of Sussex aspect. Precisely what titles will be used when and so forth is not a matter for now.T heir titles may change as events change.”

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