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Prince Harry and Meghan Flew To Caribbean To Brainstorm Moving Forward

British royal family news shows that allegedly cash-strapped Prince Harry and Meghan Markle still have enough change to vacation in the Caribbean on an “island is known as the place billionaires go to escape millionaires.” Maybe Tyler Perry funded the trip?

The Markles took themselves off to the island of Canouan after one whole day of work in Manhattan, where a source said Harry and Meghan “spent time relaxing, and it was great for them. The purpose of the trip was also to figure out a plan moving forward.”

An island source spilled to OK! that the couple “looked happy … As Harry walked out of the shop, he slightly bumped into one of the barrels [outside] and they both giggled and Meghan reached for his hand. They just looked very happy to be having a holiday together.”

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That’s funny because in the picture used by the media, the two are fake holding hands, with their fingers not touching in an awkward display only a body language expert should interpret.

Prince Harry and Meghan Flew To Caribbean To Brainstorm Moving Forward

The insider proclaimed that the extracurricular activity, the kids seem to have been left out, was “Harry’s idea” since “he wanted to whisk Meghan away for some time” after being mocked and vilified as among other things, “f****** grifters.”

For what it’s worth Meghan signed with talent agency WME in April but no one has chosen to sign her up as their “face.” That’s how toxic they are following years of degrading their families.

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Another insider spilled that despite her being snubbed by the world, “Meghan seems very confident at the moment, but the reality is that she’s been in a pretty desperate spot. Losing the Spotify deal was a massive blow to her, not to mention her ego. She’s been pretty lost since, but this deal could turn everything around. Meghan knows her new deal with Audible could make or break her Hollywood dream. She feels ready, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t seriously daunting.”

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Prior to their privacy tour on Canouan, the trash-talking couple talked about in NYC for World Mental Health Day on October 10.

Which is ironic since they have not seemed to consider their loved ones’ well-being each time they open their mouths to disparage them.

For the record, the couple flew private unlike Prince William and Kate, Princess of Wales, “who are consistently flying commercial to help reduce emissions.

The only British royal taking private flights is King Charles III, and this is due to his position as the head of state of 15 nations, which makes him a security risk.” So what is Harry and Meghan’s excuse?

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  1. Arlean says

    Meg n Harry need to go home, but they have become brats and no one wants to be around them. Maybe they should go to a desert island there they wouldn’t have to worry about talent, no brains. We don’t want you here. Prince n princess Kate of Wales, warm and wonderful. King Charles needs to step down for health reasons for himself and the Queen

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