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Prince Harry And Meghan’s Spokesperson Alleges “Racist” Royal Could Be In Line For The Throne

Prince Harry And Meghan British Royal family news reveals when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s tell-all with Oprah Winfrey aired, the couple made a lot of accusations against the royal family, but the one that struck the world mostly was that of racism within the royal family’s inner circle. Apparently, according to the couple, an “unnamed” member of the royal family made racist comments about their then-unborn son Archie.

It was probably an accusation that struck at the very core of the royals, so much so that Prince William broke the royal family’s primary rule to never address negative comments directly to the press, when he asserted that the royal family is “very much not a racist family”.

Omid Scobie, the Sussexes’ Friendly Journalist, Alleges that More than One Royal was involved in Making Racist Comments against Archie

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have recently opened up about the number of royals who expressed concerns about the color of their son’s skin before he was born, claiming that the family was “unsympathetic” when they expressed concerns about such comments.

The new allegations against Harry’s family from Harry and Meghan are coming via the couple’s journalist friend, Omid Scobie, who spoke on Friday at the Foreign Press Association in London, according to a report by Daily Mail, with accounts from other journalists present.

The latest claims are meant to justify what Harry and Meghan said in their pre-recorded interview with Oprah, which aired on March 7. The pair allegedly pointed fingers at one unnamed member of the family who perversely wondered about Archie’s skin-color since Meghan is from mixed-race.

“There was one conversation that took place that affected them massively, when it came to someone within the royal family sharing concerns over the color of Archie’s skin,” said Scobie, who wrote “Finding Freedom” a book that tells the controversial exit of Harry and Meghan in a softer light.

“To Harry, I can see how it is one conversation, to Meghan who would have been involved in the follow up conversations I can see — because there were other people aware of this conversation within the family and within the institution, that did also speak about it, some not so sympathetically,” Scobie continued. He had often been derided by other journalists for his intimacy with the couple and acting as their spokesperson.

“So you then are in a position where you start to feel, well it’s not just this one person, it’s others as well and it becomes a much bigger issue,” Scobie continued.

Scobie Doubts The Royals’ Stance On Racism

Scobie agreed that he hasn’t been able to confirm the identity of the royal racist, or even racists, but he said that the identity could spark public interest if the offender was a future “head of state” — that is, either Prince Charles or Prince William.

The royals not under suspicion for racist remarks, according to Prince Harry’s accounts, are Queen Elizabeth the II and her late husband Prince Philip.

“At the time, the biggest conversation was ‘did this come from a senior member of the royal family, a future head of state?’” Scobie said. “If that individual is a head of state, then we as a public have a right to know because, of course, that is someone that is our head of state, head of the Commonwealth. And if they have an issue with race, we should know.”

Scobie then went on to note that the Queen’s meager statement regarding the hefty accusation of racism, in which she said that “some recollections may vary”, isn’t enough.

Scobie said that she “cleverly” skirted the allegation, failing to recant racism “any way whatsoever”.

“Even when William said “We are not a racist family,’ they didn’t condemn racism in any form whatsoever,” Scobie said. “We do not see the royal family ever do that. So, of course, it then continues this conversation about how anti-racism is the royal family, how much does the royal institution own its history and perhaps any kind of unconscious bias that may exist within the establishment or the family. None of these things ever seem to be addressed.”

The recent comment is likely to start its own controversy, and this is coming a mere two weeks away from Harry’s return to his homeland for the unveiling of his late mother’s statue on July 1.

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    This statement was made by two immature babies trying to 'get back" at un-named , I might point out, others. Don't believe H or M and nobody else should either.

  2. Guest says

    Harry said the comment was made earlier in their relationship and therefore NOT directly referring to Archie………..lies again!

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    I think it’s nothing more than Markle playing the race card ! I think she is a manipulator!

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