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Prince Harry Appears Cranky At Katy Perry Concert

It seems like he would rather just stay home at this point. Many eagle-eyed fans noticed that Prince Harry looked like he would rather be anywhere but at the Katy Perry concert with Meghan Markle in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Just like when they both went to the Beyonce concert back in August, the Duke of Sussex looked like he was bored out of behind.

Could this possibly mean that he is being dragged out of the house just for appearances? That’s what fans want to know.

Prince Harry Appears Cranky At Katy Perry Concert

Both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were on hand for the Katy Perry concert in Las Vegas over the weekend. Of course, it was a star-studded affair. Anyone who is anyone in the celebrity world was there.

Prince Harry Appears Cranky At Katy Perry Concert

As many fans probably already know, Harry and Meghan are neighbors with Katy Perry and her husband, Orlando Bloom. At one point, it even looked like Harry and Meghan stopped to speak with Katy’s father during the concert.

And while there’s nothing wrong with having a date night here and there, Harry looked like he wanted to be anywhere but at the concert. Of course, this isn’t the first time that royal fans have noticed this. 

Back in August, Harry accompanied Meghan, her mother Doria Ragland and her friends to the Beyonce concert in Los Angeles.

While Meghan and her friends were dancing to Beyonce’s greatest hits, Harry kept looking at his phone or kept his hands in his pockets. He only showed Meghan a little PDA when he knew that the cameras were watching him.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Isn’t Feeling The PDA

So, does this mean that Harry is being dragged out of the house and against his own will? Possibly. After all, for Meghan appearance means everything.

There’s no way that she could enjoy a night out with her girlfriends at a concert without the tabloid media speculating about Harry’s whereabouts. She knows that he has to come with her.

So far the couple have not made any comments about the matter but even royal critics know this is not a good look at all. Watch this space.

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