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Prince Harry Cried After King Charles Gave His Military Role to Prince William

Prince Harry Cried After King Charles Gave His Military Role to Prince WilliamBritish royal family news divulges that Clown Prince Harry was so distraught after King Charles took away one of his military roles and gave it to his competition, Prince William, that he cried.

The New York Post reported that last week Buckingham Palace announced that William is the new colonel-in-chief of the Army Air Corps, even though runaway Harry served with the unit in Afghanistan.

“The announcement appeared timed to inflict maximum pain on Harry, coming on the same day that he returned to London to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games.”

Royal Family News – Prince Harry’s Loss

After the Buckingham Palace announcement, royal expert Tom Quinn told The Mirror that it was “a real kick in the teeth for the son who always felt marginalized and underrated.

He is said to have been in tears when he heard.” Or maybe he was just chopping onions for the rescue chickens?

Royal Family News – King Charles Has the Last Laugh

Quinn thinks that the announcement was “deliberately” made while Harry was in the UK. “They [the royal family] have decided the gloves are off and that Harry needs to realize that when you betray the family, you don’t just escape the things you hated doing as a working royal. You also lose the things you loved.”

Many would argue with Quinn’s sentiment that “Harry cannot fail to get the message.” Harry is as dim as they come, a fact he admitted to his biographer.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Cried Crocodile Tears?

William and Harry are trained military pilots with the performing as a search and rescue pilot and an air ambulance pilot.

Harry ran away from the monarchy in 2020 thus it’s absurd to think that he would be in control of a UK military unit.

Harry is fifth-in-line to the throne and lives with Meghan Markle (and allegedly their two alleged kids) in Montecito, Calif. Where was Meghan on Mother’s Day? Not with her kids.

Instead she chose to be in Africa, taking selfies with impoverished children while wearing expensive fits.

Meghan had the nerve to tell the crowd that she loves being a mom but not everyone looked convinced.

The failed princess also claimed that Nigeria is her country, something that royalists found hard to swallow with one commenting “They should both move to Nigeria permanently.”

Another poster commented “The Worldwide Privacy Tour” continues in Nigeria. One of the only countries that think these two are relevant.”

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