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Prince Harry EXILED By His Step-Monster Queen Camilla

Prince Harry EXILED By His Step-Monster Queen CamillaBritish royal family news reveals that tacky Prince Harry is apparently now in exile after bad mouthing his stepmother, Queen Camilla. A source has come forward to reveal that Harry is in the doghouse after the malicious things he’s said about his father King Charles’ second wife. Here’s what to know about the mess Harry has made for himself.

Royal Family News – Was Harry Exiled By Queen Camilla?

An insider spilled the news about Camilla and Henry to OK! Magazine. According to the source, Harry is a nothingburger to his family after Megxit and four years of constant attacks.

They said: “The lines of communication to Harry are virtually nonexistent now.” And both Prince William and Queen Camilla treat him as if “he’s out of the fold and exiled at this point.”

Adding insult to injury, “To make matters worse, he is also barely tolerated at best.”

If the source is correct, isn’t it interesting that Harry’s relationship with his family exactly mirrors that of his wife Meghan Markle’s with her family? Before Meghan came along, Harry was tolerated and looked upon fondly by the public.

Years after their 2018 wedding, Harry barely speaks to his family, the same as Meghan and her clan. Can this be a coincidence?

Royal Family News – Harry And Meghan’s Horrible Family Relationships

Further underscoring the divide, a second source claims that Prince Harry will find out any news about Princess Catherine’s cancer status at the same time the public does.

He will not be given a heads-up as to when she returns to official duties and has reportedly not seen her since her diagnosis in February, despite being in the UK in May.

At that time he did not bother to see his father King Charles who is also going through cancer treatments.

It’s hard to fathom how Harry has treated the woman he once claimed was the sister he never had. That was before he met Meghan.

Since then he has published Kate’s private conversations and Meghan made it a point to bully her during the couple’s infamous 2021 Oprah interview.

Royal News – Harry’s Ostracization

Given the extent of Harry’s fall from grace, it should come as no surprise that he was not invited to his one-time friend, the Duke of Westminster’s wedding this week. It was the social event of the year and Harry was purposely left off the invitation list although Prince William was an usher.

Charlotte Griffiths told the Daily Mail’s Palace Confidential that Harry’s absence is “definitely going to be the talk of the wedding, I’m afraid.”

“I’m sorry for Olivia (the bride), who’s getting married, but she’s not going to be the number one subject because everyone is talking about why Harry’s not going to be there.”

Let’s be honest, Olivia has better things to worry about and she must be thrilled that Harry was not there to darken the wedding vibe. Harry who?

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