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Prince Harry Is So Jealous Over King Charles’ Budding Relationship with David Beckham

Prince Harry Is So Jealous Over King Charles’ Budding Relationship with David BeckhamBritish royal family news reveals that Prince Harry is jealous of an alleged surrogate son his father King Charles is smitten with. Harry and Meghan invited soccer legend David Beckham and his wife, former Spice girl Victoria Beckham, to their 2018 wedding.

But reports indicate that over time the couples’ relationship has gone south, just like the Markles’ other relationships, finances, reputation, etc.

According to sources, the Beckhams were the victims of leaked stories at the hands of Harry and Meghan. The awkwardness is now made even more volatile by Charles’ friendship with David. Here’s what to know about the rift in the royal family.

Royal Family News – Charles Like David More Than Harry?

Last week it was reported that Harry is furious that Beckham and King Charles are bosom buddies.

This news came on the heels of published pics that show King Charles and the soccer star having a grand olde tyme together.

David was appointed to the role of ambassador of the King’s Foundation and the two men bonded over their mutual love of beekeeping.

Beckham was quoted as saying “I’m particularly looking forward to supporting the Foundation’s education programs and its efforts to ensure young people have greater access to nature.”

Royal Family News – David Beckham Adores the Monarchy

Is Harry jealous of the bond Beckham and the regent share? One palace insider thinks so, saying “Harry’s head has been spinning since he saw those photos. He can’t help but feel jealous – and betrayed.” Well, well, well—time for Harry to swallow a dose of his own bitter medicine?

According to David was his friend not so long ago, so it’s a double blow to see him being friendly with his dad and taking an ambassadorship role that should have been for him.”

Royal Family News – Charles Is A Dedicated Beekeeper

The chatty source went on to say that some think Charles is “cruel” for spending time with Beckham, after he and Harry failed to meet up during a May Invictus Games event.

At that time Harry was in London for the 10th anniversary of the organization, but he left town without seeing any of his family, not even Kate Middleton who is going through cancer treatment.

Harry infamously said that Kate was the sister he never had, but that was long before his 2018 marriage to Meghan Markle.

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  1. Debby says

    Harry is jealous of everything he’s lost by his own hand.

  2. Ananda says

    You’re so right, Debby. They went wayy over the line telling lies about the RF. They also made the Queen’s last years of her life hell while they were ‘making plans to bring down the Monarchy’!!! Like they’re so powerful that they could do that…Lol! So what if KC3 chooses to have a relationship with Becks? He made his decision to leave now after all he’s done he expects them to forgive him? I wouldn’t hold my breath,that’s for sure!

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