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Prince Harry Jealous Of Prince William’s Relationship With Queen Camilla

So, could this be another reason why they are still feuding? Maybe. There’s a new report that suggests Prince Harry is jealous of the relationship that his brother Prince William has with their stepmother, Queen Camilla.

That’s because the future king of England apparently doesn’t see Queen Camilla as the “evil monster” that Harry has portrayed her to be as they are now working closer together than ever before. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Prince Harry – Jealous Of Prince William’s Relationship With Queen Camilla

There’s a new report that says Prince Harry is supposedly feeling “upset” that Prince William has not realized that Queen Camilla is  the “monster” that the Duke of Sussex perceives her to be. At least, that’s how one royal expert is putting it.

Prince Harry Jealous Of Prince William’s Relationship With Queen Camilla

In a new interview with The Mirror, Tom Quinn, who has written plenty of books about the royal family, says that Prince William is now leaning on Queen Camilla more than ever, especially since both King Charles and Kate Middleton have been diagnosed with cancer.

Quinn put it this way,He [Harry] really distrusts that William actually gets on rather well now with Camilla – Harry will see this as a betrayal.

He was shocked when William realized that Camilla, far from being the monster they thought her when they were children, is actually a rather nice woman.”

It might have taken them some time, but William and Camilla are finally in a good place in their relationship.

Royal Family News – What’s Next For Prince William And Queen Camilla?

Quinn also added, “She is exceptionally good at listening with a sympathetic ear and William has definitely warmed to that. Harry on the other hand sees this as one more example of William letting the side down – for Harry things have never moved on really since his mother died.

For Harry, Camilla was the wicked stepmother back then, and she still is. It’s all very sad, but shows that the huge geographical divide between the brothers – Harry in America, William in London – has become a physical manifestation of their emotional separation.”

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  1. noellastober says

    Harry grow up and let it go Be the son and brother you once were. Be the son your mother brought up not the whinney baby you have become. Have your wife wear the dress, not the pants anymore,. keep her place and both of you apologize for the wrong and harm you have created for all It should start there to start making everything right again That may be too much for you but swallow your pride and fix this mess that your family has created, and the children do not count in this one. Repair your damages done and see if that works. Y ou are so good at writing books,. then start writing a ver y truthful article tp make amends Take yourself out of the picture and make believe all this is happening to someone you know,, take an hosest look at the situation and help them fix this so this crap is overwith I am sure the public will take kind to you doing that Each time you or Meghan try to reconcile, one if not both of you come back with uglier stuff than before You either show you are grown up or get out of the family for good and never look back We the public are totally disgusted with all of this It has been going on for years and we all have our own lives to live, not your drama bs Lets see who will be the man here Will it be you or your wife

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