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Prince Harry Needs To Make Up With Prince William Before Public Accepts Him

Prince HarryBritish royal family news reveals that since ditching the royal family Harry and Meghan have tried in vain to rebrand themselves as humanitarians and philanthropists. There are a comedic act without question,  but if they want to be taken seriously one royal expert says they need to bury the hatchet.

The Cambridge’s Are On Display

Harry and Meghan aka the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are in danger of overexposing themselves according Richard Fitzwilliams. They have been on tons of platforms, and usually find the time to get in a dig or a dagger with his family’s name on it. Additionally they have a Netflix deal, a Spotify contract, Harry is writing a memoir and Meghan just penned a letter to Congress.

What is the effect of all this headline making behavior? The royal expert thinks that continued airing of themselves could work against them.

The Sussexes Are Overexposed

Fitzwilliams told MyLondon that, “Harry and Meghan’s “horror” Oprah interview in March 2021 and subsequent fallout with the family – especially brother Prince William may come back to haunt them in the future, particularly if they are looking to forge careers in the public eye.”

He added, “There’s no doubt that [the] Oprah [interview] battered the monarchy, it was very, very brutal. There’s no question that it was regarded – apart from by the young – with horror in Britain, but certainly there are many aspects of it that are contrary to… well, some of it was pure invention.”

That is a nice way of saying the Markle’s fibbed their heads off. It didn’t take long for the adults and experts to call them out on their “inventions” and provide evidence to the contrary.

Is Meghan A Politician In Waiting?

This kind of errant rant did nothing to polish the tarnish they accumulated after defecting from the monarchy. Fitzwilliams adds, “As for personal truth and so on, one of the issues that Harry and Meghan will have to confront is that, as time draws on from Oprah and the immediate impact, if Meghan particularly has some kind of political career in mind, the fact that a lot of what was said was questionable may come back to haunt them.

“It might not, but it may.”

Is Meghan Wanting A Political Career?

Richard concedes that the interview did shine a light on the positive and negative aspects of the monarchy, but he noted that the institution is, “part of Britain’s DNA,” and believes there’s scant chance of abolishing it. In other words, the Markle’s would do well to kiss and make up with the royals.

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  1. Guest says

    Harry will never come to his senses, whatever ones he had that is.

  2. Guest says

    H&M need to make up with H’s family AND M’s father. M accuses her father of going to the paparazzi. As she said in her Oprah interview, she can’t imagine ever hurting Archie with paparazzi stories. She and Harry did the same thing (and worst) to both their families. All this while Prince Phillip was in the hospital dying. He died. Now they are hell bent on hurting H’s ailing 95 year old grandmother, the queen, and her family; and M’s 73 year old father with a heart condition. HYPOCRITES AND LIARS !!!!!

  3. Guest says

    IMHO…H. thinks the RF are responsible for D.'s death and he wants revenge, especially on P.Charles, and that coupled with his (H.), being extremely jealous of William and Kate. He has told MM how he feels and she leapt upon that story as an opportunity, and she is even more, dangerously so jealous of William and Kate. While H. may be out for revenge, and money, MM just wants the cash and power she thinks she can get over milking this story and other dirt about the RF she can get her hands on, or has got her hands on, and will make public. The two of them, (MM and H.) are shameless and deluded brats!!! Even if H. did apologize….huh…it would never be enough.

  4. Guest says

    Once you loose trust in people, even family its very hard to recover. You can forgive but that doesn't mean trust is restored. It seems to me Harry felt justified in publicly humiliating and trying to harm his family. That just demonstrates how immature and unintelligent he is because a few private conversations after things had calmed down would have produced far better results, trust and forgiveness would have been easier to restore. I would be extremely surprised if Harry is given any public family platform now for fear he will use it again to do things like Oprah when he isn't satisfied with his family. My guess is they will forgive him but keep him now at a safe distance.

  5. Guest says

    Jealousy is a terrible personality trait. I have never understood it. People just hold themselves back by concentrating on what others have rather than focusing on achieving a person's own goals. I do however have sympathy for anyone who feels a loved one has been deliberately harmed and I could appreciate that would to a person not thinking straight and lashing out. If you are right about H, that's a difficult situation to heal. You have definitely made a valid point.

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