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Prince Harry Pressuring Meghan Markle To Do This

Prince Harry Pressuring Meghan Markle To Do ThisShe might agree to it, she might not. There’s a new report that suggests Prince Harry is pressuring Meghan Markle to deal with the ongoing feud with the rest of the royal family back in London. In fact, it seems like the Duke of Sussex is pushing his wife to the forefront of it all. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Pressuring Meghan Markle To Do This

There’s a new report that suggests the Duke of Sussex wants his wife to take the lead when it comes to fixing what has been broken between them.

Things have just never been the same ever since Harry and Meghan have thrown the royal family under the bus in their multiple tell-all interviews and in his memoir, Spare.

Harry said in the past that he did all of this because he wanted to tell his version of the truth and that he also wanted an apology from the royal family.

Royal Family News – What’s Next For Harry And Meghan?

But because he never received that apology, it seems like he’s now pushing his wife Mehgan into the forefront to deal with it all.

However, one source close to the situation says that Prince Harry “doesn’t want to command Meghan to do anything, he knows the situation with his family is now so far gone.”

The insider also added, “He now feels like the only way back is to have Meghan reach out to Charles and Kate to try to mend fences.”

“He’s wrestled with so many different scenarios and has tried everything under the sun himself, but he’s gotten nowhere. The only thing that’s left is for Meghan to have a go at fixing things,:

“It’s all about being the bigger person and making that first call, and Meghan has reluctantly agreed to it if that’s what Harry wants and needs.”

The tipster also added, “Right now, they’re figuring out the best strategy, but Harry’s hoping she’ll have some one-on-one calls with both Kate and Charles.”

“He feels that the royals may put on this heavy front of wanting nothing to do with her anymore, but, if she makes the effort, they’ll soften towards her, especially if she shows them how compassionate and caring she can be.”

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