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Prince Harry Stayed At A Hotel During UK Trip, No Room At The Palace!

So this is what it’s come to. There are new reports that suggest Prince Harry really doesn’t have a place to stay whenever he’s in the UK.

Even though he was in London for just a brief period of time to visit with his father King Charles soon after his cancer diagnosis was revealed, the Duke of Sussex was forced to stay at a local hotel.

That’s because there’s simply no room for him at any of the royal family’s multiple palaces. That, or the royals simply don’t want him there. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Stayed At A Hotel During UK Trip

According to new reports, Prince Harry stayed at a hotel while he was in London. The Daily Mail pointed out that Harry flew over 5,000 miles from California to the UK for a 45-minute meeting with his father, King Charles.

Prince Harry Stayed At A Hotel During UK Trip, No Room At The Palace!

He did not spend the night at any of the royal residences, with the publication going as far as calling Harry “homeless” whenever he’s on UK soil.

Of course, many royal fans certainly did have a lot to say about the matter on social media.

Some have commented with, Wow! they knew enough to give him a police escort from the airport, but not enough to find him a room to stay!” along with, “I think its weird they dont know where Harry went after Clarence house. I mean, they had photographers stalking him every mile from Heathrow to Clarence and then poof, he disappears?”

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Is ‘Homeless’ In The UK

And then there was this comment as well:As someone who truly understands why Harry jumped in to a flight to see his only parent after a cancer diagnosed. It’s very hard to come to realization that your own parent and relative don’t really care if you’re are alive or dead because it doesn’t do anything for them but when you accept that everything else is just another visit.”

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