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Prince Harry Wants Meghan To Be Queen of England, Not Kate Middleton

British royal family news reveals the unsettling truth that Meghan Markle and her second husband Prince Harry think that Meghan is better fitted to be queen than either Queen Camilla or Princess Catherine. Because she’s American?!

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been entertaining us with their lunatic ideas for the last four years and apparently they aren’t going to stop anytime soon. Keep reading to discover how little the royal traitors think of the monarchy and his family.

Royal Family News – Queen Meghan Doesn’t Have a Nice Ring to It

Royal expert Angela Levin disclosed the alarming news that Harry thinks that his B-list wife Meghan should ascend to the throne as queen, not Kate Middleton or Camilla.

Prince Harry Wants Meghan To Be Queen of England, Not Kate

She told former GB News journalist Dan Wootton: “He believes – and this must surprise you – that Meghan is the one who should take over as Queen. He does what he’s told, and he thinks that it was very bad that Meghan wasn’t questioned about what should be done to make the royal family up to date.”

Royal Family News – Harry And His Fantasy

Levin added that Meghan doesn’t disagree with Harry’s harebrained assessment of her talent. According to the royal pundit Meghan “said herself that she felt that they should have asked her what should be done rather than Kate because she is a self-made woman and she’s got much more experience.”

Could you imagine a monarchy led by a former basic cable actress?

In 2020 Harry and Meghan withdrew from the monarchy and fled to the United States for “financial freedom.” The move hasn’t been the smartest thing either have ever done—and the bar is set low. Harry and Meghan declared themselves to be Hollywood royalty but The Hollywood Reporter called them “the biggest losers” and Spotify cursed them as “grifters.” If Meghan ran the palace would guests be handed swag bags on their way home?

Royal Family News – Harry and Meghan’s Non-Royal Status

Disgraced Harry sits fifth in line to the throne. In place ahead of him are Prince William and his three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

This weekend Meghan and Harry hammed it up for the cameras at the Royal Salute Polo Challenge in Wellington, Florida.

Marca noted that “Their public display of affection echoed their intimate moments shortly after their royal wedding, reaffirming their bond and love for each other.” And if you buy that there’s some really cheap oceanfront property in Arizona for sale.

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