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Prince Harry’s Blow Back Over Meghan Diss Has King Charles Anxious

Prince Harry's Blow Back Over Meghan Diss Has King Charles AnxiousBritish royal family news reveals that Prince Harry’s rude behavior toward his father King Charles at the time of Queen Elizabeth’s death could have frightened Charles into avoiding his son as if he were the plague.

Here’s what Newsweek’s chief royal correspondent, Jack Royston, told Royal Report about the shaky father-son relationship.

Harry was in London last week for an Invictus Games event. No royal, senior or otherwise (looking at you Eugenie) chose to visit with the torrid traitor.

Royal Family News – Has King Charles Had Enough Of Harry’s Bile?

The palace stated that King Charles, who is receiving cancer treatment, was unable to see his youngest son “due to His Majesty’s full program.”

Newsweek’s chief royal correspondent, Jack Royston, told Royal Report listeners that this non-meetup was a “shame” suggested Charles may have “floating anxiety” after Harry yelled at him while the late queen was on her death bed.

Royal Family News – Harry Was Uncouth Toward Charles

Royston added “I would say, in the King’s corner, is Harry can be hot tempered sometimes. I mean all the Windsors can, Charles is no exception…He’s a man who gets frustrated sometimes.”

The royal expert singles out one instance of Harry’s rudeness in particular. He notes that “Harry blew up at his father as Queen Elizabeth II was dying because he felt Charles had spoken in a dismissive way about Meghan.”

Royston theorized that this ugly encounter could have traumatized Charles who now might “experience a level of background stress about seeing Harry, a kind of generalized floating anxiety that something might go wrong and it will be another negative encounter with lots of hostile emotions and him getting the blame.”

Royal News – Harry’s Hot Temper

Harry discussed the heated incident in his 2023 memoir Spare. According to his recollection of events, Charles told him to get to Scotland asap because the queen was on her deathbed.

Harry claims that his father told him not to bring his wife Meghan, and he was offended by that.

According to Harry, Charles was “nonsensical, and disrespectful, and I wasn’t having it. ‘Don’t ever speak about my wife that way.’”

This example perfectly reveals the depth of Harry’s idiocy, the man-child choosing to get his hackles up over his living wife while his dying grandmother came in second.

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