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Prince William Angry That Prince Harry Went To Katy Perry’s Concert?

Is Prince William angry that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended Katy Perry’s concert in Las Vegas? Well, not exactly. But he is upset over the timing of it all. Keep reading below to find out why.

Royal Family News – Prince William Angry That Prince Harry Went To Katy Perry’s Concert?

Just last weekend the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made headlines for attending Katy Perry’s concert in Las Vegas. Katy and her husband Orlando Bloom are actually neighbors with Harry and Meghan.

And while the Sussexes have every right to go out and party, William is just upset that they got more attention for attending a concert than he did for his EarthShot Awards in Singapore. Ouch.

Prince William Angry That Prince Harry Went To Katy Perry’s Concert?

He can’t believe that he’s been upstaged by his little brother again when he’s trying to look like a global statesman from the other side of the world. And who can blame him?

It goes without saying that many royal fans and critics had a lot to say about the matter on social media. Some even commented with, William is mad the Sussex date night in Vegas got more press than Earthflop. It’s actually funny but it’s really true.

I looked at Singapore/earth shot news around the same time and only 3 publications had written a story about William,” along with,I also find their hypocrisy hilarious. All the left behind royals were out everyday the week of the Invictus Games. Did it stop the Sussexes or IG?

No, so why is Willy crying about the Sussexes attending a concert over the weekend when his event doesn’t happen until Tuesday? He needs to stop blaming Harry and Meghan for the fact that no one is interested in him.”

Royal Family News – Prince William Desperately Wants More Press Coverage

Another royal critic wrote, “Does Will have any clue how whiny and pitiable his one-sided, only-in-his-mind competition with Harry looks? Harry is living his life not checking for Will.

Dying laughing because Katy Perry was one of the FEW entertainers who would bother to perform at the coronation concert.”

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  1. Elaine DeFelice says

    William should understand that he was always treated differently than Harry. Right down to the unbelievable admission of the Royals that Harry was not given as much food to eat as William was due to favoritism toward the future King and some crazy-ass idea that it was a tribute to centuries ago when there was insufficient food to feed Royal families. If you think that did not make Harry at a young age dislike his brother and family- think again. William has been touted around like some god. I would be sick of William and resent the entire lot of those crazy English Royals. Harry probably has many stories of inequality, at his expense, to share. I look at William and see a huge rodent with big teeth waiting to attack Harry at every turn.

  2. Dolores Lawton says

    Now we know who really drove Harry and Megan away. He doesn’t get it. He is very selfish, and the sad part about it that’s his brother (Harry) who wants to look up to him. Grow up William. I can’t picture you as king. I think your son will make a better king.

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