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Prince William Is Cracking Under Pressure

Prince William Is Cracking Under PressureThere was never a time in his life that was as stressful as now. There’s a new report that says Prince William knows that the whole fat of the monarchy rests on his shoulders.

And that’s why he’s struggling to come to terms with it, even though both his father King Charles and his wife Kate Middleton have cancer.

But at the same time, the Prince of Wales is dealing with the crushing pressure of the monarchy and what is at stake for its future. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Prince William – Is Cracking Under Pressure

According to Us Weekly, one source close to the situation says that if there’s anything that Prince William would like to do right now, it’s to take a very long vacation somewhere very far away from Windsor Castle. But he can’t do that.

The tipster said, The whole fate of the monarchy rests on his shoulders. I’m sure it’s a crushing weight, and it’s happening much 
earlier than he thought it would.”

Of course, many royal fans and critics have weighed in on the matter on social media. Many think that Prince William just isn’t fit for the job as the next king of England.

Some have commented with,And yet somehow a 25 year old Elizabeth, with two TINY children, grieving the sudden death of her beloved father, managed to step up and ascend the throne pledging her duty and resolving to serve her entire life (which she did.) Just sad that he can’t muster just a tiny bit of his grandparents’ sense of responsibility,”

along with, “Since William was born, it’s been no secret the fate of the monarchy would one day rest on his shoulders. Duh. He’s the heir. Heir to a crumbling dynasty in an outdated model. So, hardly news. What I think, is that articles like these accomplish one thing, and one thing only. They make William seem weak AF.”

What’s Next For Prince William?

Another critic wrote, This is beyond ridiculous. Are they saying that the fate of the entire monarchy has to take a back seat to William playing cards with his kids? And If his in-laws’ bankruptcy is keeping him up at night, he can write a check.”

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  1. Margaret Vannicola says

    I believe that William will step up to his responsibility and be the next King of England.
    He has been training for this all his life. Give the man some credit, and stop spreading rumors. He has been blessed with a strong intelligent wife, and three beautiful, healthy children. William loves his family and his country. Please show him the respect and appreciation that he deserves.

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