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Prince William Slammed For Cringeworthy Interview

Sometimes he’s got all the right words while other times it seems like he’s at a loss for words. Prince William, who is the future king of England, is being slammed for a rather cringeworthy interview.

That’s because a lot of people notice that there’s really no substance in what he is saying and that he keeps repeating the same buzzwords over and over again. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News – Prince William Slammed For Cringeworthy Interview

The Prince of Wales is currently in Singapore for the Earthshot Awards. And while Prince William did tell the press while he was there that he wanted to work on more social leadership work, he had trouble articulating exactly what he wanted to do. It went a little like this:

Prince William Slammed For Cringeworthy Interview

Prince William: “I want to make change.” 

Reporter: “To what?” 

Prince William: “Things. Many things. And also issues.” 

Reporter: “How?” 

Prince William: “By tying it all together.”

Of course, many royal fans and critics alike sure did have a lot to say about this on social media.

Some even commented with, The mediocrity of low expectations personified. All he was ever expected to do was exist, marry, beget a male heir and spare and wait for his father to die. Nothing of substance was ever expected of him,” along with, “He only says cliché words, he does not develop or deepen his ideas. This is the mumbo jumbo that someone spouts when they don’t do anything, don’t know anything and try to steal someone else’s work and claim it as their own.”

Royal Family News – Prince William’s ‘Mumbo Jumbo’

Another royal critic wrote, “The problem is William wants to be a figurehead without any deep work. He wants success and popularity just because he was born into royalty but wants to do nothing else. A socialite with occasional causes.”

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  1. Gillian says

    I suggest you refrain from criticising William. He has so much on his plate. Media is powerful and if people criticise him all the time, the general populace will start doing it too. Just give him a chance!!

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