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Prince William Voiced Doubts About Meghan Markle Before The Wedding

Prince William voiced his concerns about how suitable Meghan Markle would be to represent the royal family just days before she married Prince Harry. According to the Page Six, William directed these concerns to Queen Elizabeth and Harry. The caring and concerned brother wondered if things moved to fast for Harry and Meghan.

William Was Concerned

According to William’s buddy, the prince was worried that his brother was making a big mistake marrying Markle. He suggested that the couple moved too fast and they should have a longer engagement. William was only looking out for his brother, something he has done since their mother’s death.

According to the source, Harry was offended and he could not believe that William would suggest that marrying her was a bad idea. He stood up for his wife-to-be and in no uncertain terms, let his brother know that he will be marrying her.

Women Clashing

Apparently, according to the report, one of the driving factors in William’s concern over Meghan is the fact she has a strong personality. He knew that his wife, Kate Middleton and Harry’s bride may not get along.

A source claims that the Duchess of Cambridge recently blasted Markle after she spoke rudely to a member of her staff. Kate reportedly told her that is not acceptable to speak to her assistant in that manner. The Palace released a statement on the incident: “That is not the story we would comment on.”

While Harry wouldn’t listen to William, he still voiced his opinion on Meghan Markle. Right or wrong, he felt he owed his brother a heads up that it could be a mistake marrying the Hollywood actress. Don’t forget to come back later for more royal news and updates!

  1. Guest says

    I really don’t care about Markle, it is one thing to be outspoken but to diss our President. She should be pulled in and made to respect others as they have to respect her!! Markle is a bully and the fact that she has been married before and how she treated him!!

    1. PENNIE P says

      Who didn’t voice doubts about this union?

      She has no buisness sticking her surgically enhanced nose in any political arena.

      AND, she was Married TWICE before.
      Look here. I think she was Pregnant at least once before too

    2. Guest says

      lol….it’s amusing how you retarded Trumpkins can’t seem to put together a single coherent sentence.

  2. Guest says

    Wow,what the hell did Meghan do to you two,sounds like Jealousy to me,and what difference does it make if she had two husbands,or a nose job, I’m pretty sure if it was something that U could change giving the money U would.White Women do it all the time.marry the money.and stay in the doctors office getting Botox. because let’s face it you don’t age well IMO.and lastly,Damn your president! is he gonna apologize,for all the Lies he told and all the Shit he done one being Grab them by the pussy!i don’t think so.leave Duchess Meghan alone and let her and her Prince live their fairytale life with their beautiful bi-racial child. Done!!!!!

    1. Guest says

      I agree. Well said!

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