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Queen Camilla Blamed As Reason King Charles Cut Prince Harry Meeting Short

Last week Tuesday saw Prince Harry in the UK to meet his father King Charles, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

According to insiders, that meeting lasted as long as thirty minutes, though some argue it was ten. Whichever way, the meeting was a short one, and Harry was on his way back to California a few hours later.

Robert Jobson Reveals “The One Thing [King Charles] Doesn’t Like”

Prince Harry’s “uninvited” dash back to the UK to hold an audience with his father has been deemed many things, a “pr” move, among other things.

Despite it being his first face to face encounter with his father in 16 months, the meeting still did not go on for long. As for the reason the meeting was so short, royal expert Robert Jobson believes Queen Camilla’s presence might have been the cause.

Queen Camilla Blamed As Reason King Charles Cut Prince Harry Meeting Short

Speaking on The Sun’s Royal Exclusive show, Jobson said: “The Queen was with the King. Let’s be honest – he wasn’t too complimentary about Queen Camilla in his book Spare. He wasn’t very complimentary about her on Netflix. They don’t get on.”

He added: “Second, there’s not been a lot of contact. That brings its own level of complexity and drama which he doesn’t need at the moment. The royals do stick to a pretty military clock. You have to get the helicopter pilot there, all these things.”

“So his plans had to be changed. The one thing the King doesn’t like is changing his plans,” Jobson opined. “He gave him long enough for a kiss and hug, and wished him all the best.” Jobson also stated that Harry’s visit did more harm than good, because it made people worry that the king’s condition may be worse off.

Jobson said: “This is one of the reasons Charles probably didn’t want all the drama. The fact of Harry flying over does give the suggestion that his condition may be a lot worse than it actually may well be.”

He continued: “I think a lot of people will be sitting there thinking, ‘ Oh well, it must be bad because he’s on the plane’. Harry brings with him a certain drama. Will there be a reconciliation with William and the King? It stirs that whole pot.”

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  1. Jackie says

    I’m glad that the Queen Consort was with the King and Harry. This way Harry couldn’t ask the King for money or to come back home with his hole family. When he saw her he knew he would get no where

    1. Guinn Hawkins says

      Oh good grief, Camilla should not have been in the room. Harry came to see his Dad. She should have given them privacy so they could talk freely. Camilla and Charles are the reason Diana and Charles divorced and I don’t blame Harry for disliking her!!

  2. Mary says

    No way we thought it was bad with Harry flying there we all thought “oh what does he want now?” Most knew it was a publicity stunt from the get go and it pretty much was. Thats all those two from Montishitsho know how to do.

  3. Maryjane says

    No one in the Royal family should be alone with Harry. Every thing he does is calculated.

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