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Queen Camilla Is The Reason Why King Charles Is Ignoring Prince Harry

Queen Camilla Is The Reason Why King Charles Is Ignoring Prince HarryRoyal Family News suggests there’s one reason and one reason why King Charles is refusing to speak to his son, Prince Harry. That’s because he’s still upset over how the Duke of Sussex threw his wife Queen Camilla under the bus.

Queen Camilla Is The Reason Why King Charles Is Ignoring Prince Harry

As many royal fans can recall, Prince Harry told the world that he thought Camilla Parker Bowles was going to be an evil stepmother for him after his mother Princess Diana had died back in 1997.

While Camilla didn’t turn out to be the evil and wicked stepmother that Prince Harry had thought her to be, King Charles certainly didn’t appreciate him saying that in his tell-all book, Spare.

And because Prince Harry hasn’t apologized for his words and humiliating Queen Camilla in the way that he has, King Charles wants absolutely nothing to do with him.

What’s Next For King Charles And Prince Harry?

There’s a very slim chance that the Duke of Sussex will say that he’s sorry. That’s mostly because Harry is waiting for the royal family to formally apologize to him and Meghan Markle for the way that they were mistreated before they left the royal family behind.

But seeing how it’s been over four years since they left London and nothing has been said, there’s a good chance nothing will be said at all.

Both King Charles and Prince Harry seem to be very stubborn over this matter and their wives, Queen Camilla and Meghan can’t do much about it.

At this rate, King Charles may never speak to his son ever again unless he absolutely has to. And it seems like Prince Harry is fine living his life knowing that he will never have a relationship with his father again.

So far Buckingham Palace has made no comments about the matter. We will definitely update you with all of the latest details as they come in.

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  1. Francine Fontaine Bisaillon says

    Camilla devrait se mêler de ses affaires c’est de sa faute que les parents a Harry se sont séparés.

  2. CamIsTheKingsFavouriteNag says

    Wait, hold on.
    “Camilla didn’t turn out to be the evil and wicked stepmother that Prince Harry had thought her to be”? Are you being for real?

    1. Harry’s bedroom at Clarence House was turned into Camilla’s CLOSET.
    2. Camilla has been behind many of the attacks on Harry – Chaz & Cam both, actually, going back to when they used Mark Bolland to throw both Charles’ sons under the bus to embiggen themselves. This goes back to the mid 90s. Harry got the worst of it in the press b/c they had to protect William’s rep as heir.
    3. Camilla has also been behind many of the attacks on Harry’s WIFE. She spills to tabs on the regular. Notably, her being pals with Jeremy Clarkson, she probably instigated that hate crime masquerading as an opinion piece Clarkson wrote on Meghan, wherein he declared she should be stripped naked & run through the streets of London where people could fling feces at her, ‘Game of Thrones’ style. AFTER THAT ARTICLE WAS PUBLISHED, CAMILLA VERY PUBLICLY INVITED HIM FOR LUNCH.

    Camilla not a wicked stepmother? Please. She has made a second career out of taking down Diana and her sons to get with Charles. She keeps the rift between father and sons going so that she can keep her power over Charles, who is said to defer to her in nearly everything.

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