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Queen Camilla Showing Rose Hanbury The Royal Ropes

Queen Camilla Showing Rose Hanbury The Royal RopesIf there’s anyone who knows how to stay ahead from everyone else in this royal family, you better believe that it’s Queen Camilla.

After all, she played such a strategic game throughout the years that a lot of people would say that she’s the ultimate winner when it comes to the royal family.

Queen Camilla – Showing Rose Hanbury The Royal Ropes

She waited a long time to marry the one true love of her life, King Charles. They’ve now been together for over 20 years and have never been happier in their lives, despite King Charles’ cancer battle.

That’s why if there’s one person who can teach Rose Hanbury the royal ropes, it’s Queen Camilla. And there’s a lot of speculation suggesting that’s what she might be doing right now behind closed doors.

No one would have guessed that Queen Camilla and Rose Hanbury would become the closest of friends, yet that seems to be the case right now.

Royal Family News – What’s Next For Rose Hanbury?

Of course, a lot of people can’t help but wonder why Rose Hanbury is suddenly making more public engagements and rubbing elbows with the Queen of England, but others thing there might be more to it.

After all, Kate Middleton is currently dealing with her current cancer battle and is not expected to be seen in public again until the end of the year, and if at all.

Some people think that Queen Camilla might be preparing Rose Hanbury to be Kate’s new replacement.

Now, that’s not to say that Prince William is going to divorce Kate Middleton anytime soon. But at the same time, the royals do need someone engaging enough that the British press is going to pay attention to them.

And Rose just happens to be that person. A lot of people will even say that she looks so much like the Princess of Wales as well.

So far Queen Camilla has not made any comments about the matter but royal critics are surely paying attention. Watch this space.

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