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Redditors Drag First Official Photo Of King Charles

The coronation of King Charles was seen by millions of people across the globe, but not everyone knows the symbolism and full history of the royal family.

So, when the first official photo of the monarch arrived, some folks on Reddit dragged him. However, whilst there was a lot of joking, there were also some genuine questions asked by those who saw him in his fancy outfit. 

King Charles – Officially Became King – A Divided Nation

There are still many royal family fans who support the idea of a monarchy. But many people seem to be disappointed that Queen Elizabeth’s son didn’t step down and let Prince William take over.

Meanwhile, across the ditch, many people who love Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex feel angry about the entire family. For some people, the only things they really know of royal life arrived on Netflix and in Harry’s  book, “Spare.”

Redditors Drag First Official Photo Of King Charles

King Charles is 74 years old, and some people thought that he might pass away before his mom did. Actually, ahead of his coronation, there was a lot of talk about the possibility that he might be ill. In fact, he did look a bit fragile during the coronation.

Additionally, some people thought that he might be struggling with his mental health. Well, he got through the coronation and was well enough to get his first official photo taken as the anointed king

Redditors Have Some Questions About King Charles

As there was some genuine curiosity, let’s take a look at what people thought about when they saw the photo. U/Feather_In_The_Wind asked, “What are the meanings behind the wand and the ball he is holding?” Several people upvoted the question and the original poster cited the “Royal Trust Website” to explain what the items are.  

Redditors Drag First Official Photo Of King Charles
Royal Family Via u/sowhatttnow / Reddit

King Charles held the ball, which is, in fact, an “orb.” Apparently, it symbolizes all the Christian influence over the original three continents known “in medieval” times. Meanwhile, the wand is actually a “scepter,” It “represents the sovereign’s spiritual role, with the dove symbolizing the Holy Ghost. Traditionally it has been known as ‘the Rod of Equity and Mercy.” After the serious business, people started to drag the appearance of the new monarch. 

Margarine Commercial

Looking at the photo of King Charles made u/lawl7980 say, “I can’t help it. This just reminds me of a margarine commercial.” That got some upvotes. 

Next, v/visions-of-skater joked, “Looks like a cosplay its not for him.”

More followed, and u/houndshmix said, “…My first thought was how strange he looks in the Queen’s stuff!”

Not everyone totally dragged the new monarch. u/DamienSpecterII said, “He looks so old and tired.” However, the comment continued with, “If he wasn’t such a pampered, pompous *ss, I could almost feel sorry for him.”

These comments might sound a bit nasty but they do highlight that people lost their awe of kings and queens in more modern times. 

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