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Royal Divorce: Meghan Markle’s Behavior Is Sparking Concerns

Is there something going on that royal fans don’t know about? That’s what some people can’t help but wonder as one royal expert believes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are on the verge of getting a divorce.

That’s because the Duchess of Sussex’s behavior is certainly making a lot of people raise their eyebrows. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Divorce: Meghan Markle’s Behavior Is Sparking Concerns

According to royal reporter Daniela Elser, she thinks that Harry and Meghan’s next announcement is going to be a big one that is going to rock the celebrity world.

She says that when it comes to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s behavior, of late, it started to look a scotch like this snappish sobriquet could be borne out.”

Royal Divorce: Meghan Markle’s Behavior Is Sparking Concerns

She then goes on to say that, “after five years of marriage, equivalent to undergraduate degree plus a masters tacked on, chatter grew and grew that the marriage of the duchess and her other half, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex’s was on the rocks.”

Else believes that one of the biggest signs that says the couple is headed towards a divorce is because Meghan has stopped wearing her engagement ring.

However, it’s also been reported that the Duchess of Sussex is currently getting her ring fixed.

Royal Family News: What’s Next For Harry And Meghan?

But Elser added, “Meghan had stopped wearing her engagement and eternity rings, the couple were no longer popping up à deux practising their slightly sickly constant hand-holding and she did not turn up by his side, either for King Charles’ coronation or when he emotionally gave evidence in his case against the Mirror.

Nor did she travel with him when he returned to the UK for the WellChild Awards last week nor was she with him for the kick-off of the Invictus Games in Germany this weekend, though it has been reported that she will fly in for a few days at the Games in the lead up to the closing ceremony.”

Now, whether or not Elser is correct is anyone’s guess at this point. So far Harry and Meghan have not made any comments about the matter.

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  1. Wendy says

    It’s getting old. Who really cares about Meghan? She seems to be exactly as everyone expected. I think if publicity goes away for awhile it would be a good thing there are more interesting things to write about. They have reached saturation.

  2. Joy says

    I think it would be the best thing that has happened to Harry in a long time. That being said, drop the constant reports and let them work out what’s best for them.

    1. Sharon says

      Divorce is what I hope will happen Harry should’ve never married her. He will be able to go back to his family and he needs to get custody of his children.

      1. Gillian says

        Why should Harry get custody of the children?one of the reasons Meghan has not been joining Harry recently, is that she’s probably looking after the children.

  3. Karen says

    I think she is very self centered. She made him give up the throne. I think he is living her life. Not his.

    1. Karyn says

      Why is he still called PRINCE Harry??? He gave all that up!! He turned his back on his family, his future, and his country!!! He wanted to live with Meghan in the USA – so let him do what she wanted. He and his children should have no titles and no privileges in the UK. He turned his back on everyone – let him reap what Meghan sowed!!!!

  4. Barb says

    They brought it on them selves money talks and bull. Shit walks good luck to them

  5. GMF says

    I don’t know this woman, but she doesn’t seem like a likeable person according to her public image. With all the problems in our times she does not deserve any discourse.

  6. Mary Ellen Greer says

    Let Harry and Meghan, live their life in peace.

  7. Mary Marrs says

    I think she was wrong for him in the first place. She had her stardum in the us. She seen $$$ signs when she met Prince Harry. He wanted what his brother had. So he married her. She got to be a princess for a day. When they got married. His family seen her for the liar she was. That’s why they moved to Canada then the US. The only sad thing is, if they get Divorced. The only ones who are going to hurt is them babies.

  8. Susie says

    I so wish and praying that both of them would open up there BIBLES in the NEW TESTAMENT and start reading in the chapter of JOHN. It’s a great starting place and a great friend for them in understanding the hard world we all working to grasp in the best way forward. I will be praying for them both praying for all of there families. ♥️

  9. Carrick says

    I think things are ironed out. I think Megan has made up his mind for him.
    Harry be a man and leave the little princess. Just don’t forget your children. t

    1. Calvalita says

      Susie is right! When marriages are based on scriptures and is Christ centered, love endures
      It’s an everlasting love, not superficial, not a flash in the pan. They should take a look in the BOOK and find a pastor who will unpeel the onion and determine where the problem lies in each of them. They should think of their kids future…

  10. Ann says

    I think Harry should take his children and go back across the pond, while she is out partying it up!! He needs to get on his knees and beg for forgiveness to be a Prince again and to raise his children in there heritage.

  11. Conrad says

    As expected, Gold Digger moves to next target!

  12. Ron Jeremy' Holmes says

    She’s been calling me for the past year . She’s wanting me to move over there and be with her. We’ve only spent 5 or 6 times overnight together. I just can’t hide it any more . We are so in love with each other . It’s unreal

  13. Penny says

    Dump the little B- t -h.. she is not a normal person with normal feelings. She is a NARCISSTIC PERSON WITH OUT ANY FEELINGS EXCEPT FOR HERSELF. I really do not believe she was pg with Archie and Lillebet. No way. I believe the black side would have come out…even it was just they were darker?

  14. Kurlys says

    Perhaps, given that she has lived a different side of life than Hollywood and she isn’t practicing her craft, she has matured (as far as wisdom, that is)
    she will not be getting any substantial offers except fleeting but exaggerated roles to play herself. This could keep her humble enough to understand that keeping her family together is always hard work but worth it for the children
    Something Charles failed to understand.

  15. Sarah says

    Leave them alone LOVE will always win

  16. Miriam Malcolm says

    Why people like gossip and like when they hear bad things about people if Harry didn’t love her he would not marry her a lots of these comments are jealousy and envious why can’t we pray for them Harry remember how they treat his own mother so he does not want that to happen to his wife and children allow them live their lives God bless them

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