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Royal Family News: 3 Times Diva Meghan Markle Tantrumed In Public, And It Wasn’t Pretty

British royal family news reveals that Meghan Markle’s acting skills have been questioned since her endless parade of vain videos and now a Netflix reality show. The z-lebrity never won an Oscar and her public appearances appear to back up the sagacity of that situation. Here are three times Princess Pinocchio lost her cool in public, following her 2018 marriage to Prince Harry.

Royal Family News – Meghan And Acting

The depth of Meghan’s fall from the spotlight is best illuminated in her November star turn in an Indiana motel. The once gilded princess has been derailed to the point that she was the guest speaker at something called the “Power of Women” charity benefit at the Marriott Downtown Hotel in Indianapolis.

Maybe Megs was irritated at her new station in life because she was seen chewing out an employee in the parking garage. Pics published in the Daily Mail show her looking, “pretty ticked off as she was pointing directly at someone. Some believe she was scolding one of her employees while others say she was letting a parking attendant have it,” according to CheatSheet.

Royal Family News: 3 Times Diva Meghan Markle Tantrumed In Public, And It Wasn’t Pretty

Royal Family News – Meghan’s Temper

Another time she lost it when a royal aide tried to educate her on proper protocol. It happened when Meghan and her husband Harry were invited by Prince William and the Princess of Wales to greet fans at Windsor Castle after Queen Elizabeth death.

After one well-wisher gave Meghan a bouquet of flowers, a royal aide came up to retrieve them. She refused then turned her back on him. Silly Meghan, those flowers are for the queen, not you.

A witness posted the video on Twitter and wrote: “The first aide tried unsuccessfully to take the flowers from her.” They then posted a second video of another aide asking Harry to intervene. They tweeted, “The big guns had to step in when Meghan refused to let go of the flowers.”

Royal Family News – Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Conflict

Meghan caused another stink at Princess Eugenie’s marriage to Jack Brooksbank. In a moment that has to be called TMI, that day Meghan allegedly announced that she and Harry were expecting their first child. Fame hog much?

Then there was another dustup when video shows that before the ceremony began Meghan rolled her eyes and turned away from Harry.

The Mirror reported that Meghan’s diva moment came after Harry interrupted a convo between her and Zara Tindall. “Body language experts claimed that the duchess’s behavior toward the duke during that moment seemed to be her way of ‘telling off Harry and treating him like a naughty child.’”

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