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Royal Family News: King Charles Kicks Prince Andrew Out Of Buckingham Palace, “On His Own”

British royal family news reveals that disgraced Prince Andrew is not exactly homeless, but he is down a residence. He has plenty of places to hang his hat, but even so, being kicked out of Buckingham Palace by King Charles has got to smart a bit. Especially at Christmas—ho, ho, ho.

Keep reading to find out what this is all about, what a new change in monarchs means for Andrew, the Duke of York.

Royal Family News – Andrew Is The Duke Of York

Andrew has been officially told to pack his work belongings in a cardboard box and amscray from Buckingham Palace. It’s not that there’s no room at the inn, it’s more like there’s no room for a disgraced sexual abuse lawsuit settler.

A report in The Sun states that Andrew, 62, can no longer keep an office in the building. Neither can he use the palace address as a corresponding address. In other words, he is persona non grata in yet another area of the royal life.

Royal Family News: King Charles Kicks Prince Andrew Out Of Buckingham Palace, “On His Own”

Royal Family News – Andrew Is The Duke Of York For Now

Reports indicate that a small staff remained there after he stepped down from public duty three years ago. But like Andrew, it is thought they will be given eviction notices as well.

In February, Andrew made raucous headlines when he paid millions of pounds to settle a US sex assault case brought against him by Virginia Giuffre. She alleged that she was trafficked to Andrew by his friend the dead convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Andrew denied her claim that he slept with her when she was a minor, on three occasions. Then why did he pay her a huge settlement to avoid the case being heard in court—good question, maybe Andrew will tell us someday.

Royal Family News – Andrew Is Out Of The Palace

In the meantime, Andrew is said to be looking to build a new communications team in an attempt to salvage his toxic reputation. That could be hard given that he will now be the one who has to pay for the staff. Then again, the Markles are always getting rid of staffers, maybe some could defect to Andrew’s cause?

As if to punctuate Andrew’s absence, an inside source spilled, “Any presence at the Palace is officially over. The King has made it clear. He isn’t a working royal. He’s on his own.”

Adding insult to injury, on Wednesday the king gave away Andrew’s coveted role of Colonel of the Grenadier Guards. The recipient? Queen Consort Camilla.

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  1. Pat cowen says

    Please maintain ur dignity and do not respond to any DEMAND from harry. If there is concerns about stars not showing up to hell with them. Have a fabulous time with ur people and fans state wide. It will be there loss. As for h do not dare insult the crown and ur wife by addressing anything they want. In TEXAS we would simply say drop dead punk. Actually it would be far worse but I’m respecting the crown. HAVE A FABULOUS TIME U BOTH DESERVE IT

  2. Theresa Lynch says

    Well in the state I’m from, Arkansas, there’s a name for that home wreaker now hitched to the King, and it ain’t queen. Charles is Prince Harry’s father and blood is thicker than water. I loved princess Dianna. Harry is just like his mom, and that’s why the consort don’t want him there. He needs to be there with his family and sit with his Father and Not bow to her.. love y’all H&

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