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Royal Family News: King Charles Wants Harry At The Coronation, Is It the Biggest Mistake Of His Life?

British royal family news divulges that in the case of Princes Harry and William, it’s easy to say that boys will be boys. Brothers have scrapes and disagreements, they tussle and quarrel but in the end family is family. Except that this fairytale has a different ending—Harry has torched his family for years now—is it too late for a rewrite?

Royal Family News – Harry And His Trashy Mouth

Before Meghan Markle came along, before Kate Middleton joined the royal family, Harry and William seemed like the perfect combination of yin and yang, the heir and the spare, one regal, the other rowdy. Today, thanks to Harry, we know that there was a subplot running through this narrative:

All the while Harry simmered in the background, furious that he was, in his words, born only to provide William a kidney should he ever need it. As they aged it was the spare who grabbed the headlines for drug scandal, racism, drunken sluttiness, and attacks on the paparazzi.

Royal Family News – Harry Was A Vegas Pool Boy

Harry took the hurtful rhetoric up a notch in Spare, calling William a bald assaulter among other things. Dan Wotton of the Daily Mail calls Harry vicious diatribe against his family, “character assassination.” According to his royal sources, courtiers believe William will never speak to his sibling again.

Royal Family News: King Charles Wants Harry At The Coronation, Is It the Biggest Mistake Of His Life?

Royal Family News – Harry Wrote Spare

On May 6 King Charles will be crowned. The big question is, will both of his sons be there to witness his shining moment? Wooton contends that Charles, “is determined to have the Sussexes in attendance – in my opinion an unwise decision driven by heart over head that will overshadow the historic event – it’s now up to the king to protect his eldest son.” This is a job bigger than the monarchy, it involves a father who must mediate peace between his warring spawn.

A source told The Mail on Sunday yesterday: “both Harry and Meghan will definitely come. They fully expect that. And they should realise that there is only one subject that many members of the Royal Family will be willing to discuss… and that’s the weather.”

And so it is that Charles’ biggest legacy will be not that he is regent of the UK, he must ensure that William and Harry don’t claw each other’s eyes out on the world’s biggest stage. The precedent is not good: “The entire family tried so hard to include Harry and Meghan during the mourning period for the late Queen, yet it made absolutely no difference to their vile behaviour in the months that followed.”

It’s been reported that Charles pleaded with William and Harry after Prince Phillip’s funeral, “Don’t make my final years a misery.”

Charles has less than three months before the most important day of his life. Tell us royal fans, do you think he can get through to Harry, protect William and serve the country all at the same time?

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  1. Dorothy P Irevanger says

    A BIG BIG mistake by Charles. Harry is so jealous of William that he can’t see straight. All he wants to do is destroy Willuam and his family. How can Chsrles support that kind of son??!!

    Charles also seems to forget that he and Camilla remain targets for Harry’ rage and hatred.

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