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Royal Family News: Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Bunking In “True Luxury”

Meghan And Harry British royal family news divulges that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are sparing no expense for their Netflix tour of the Netherlands. After it was revealed that the Dutch royal family would not extend an invitation to stay with them, the royal runaways are reportedly staying in a £2,000 a night Royal Suite at a Hilton. The hotel is in the heart of the Hague and according to Mail Online the camera happy couple are there along with, “their extensive entourage.”

Royal Family News – Meghan And Harry Are At The Hilton

The news comes as details about their security team leaked. Former US presidential bodyguard Christopher Sanchez is among those guarding the couple who access their suite from a private elevator in an underground car park. The couple banned other guests from using the Executive lounge from last Wednesday until Saturday so they could have exclusive access, “for meetings and drinks with their aides.”

Royal Family News – The Markle’s Are VVIPs

The hotel staff have reportedly been sworn to secrecy but one dished, “We know they have been staying here but it is all confidential and we have been told not to talk to anyone about them.”

Prince Harry and Meghan allegedly left the hotel on Sunday night for Amsterdam and, “Meghan is understood to have taken a commercial flight back to Los Angeles to be reunited with her children Archie, three- and ten-month old Lili.”

The Markle’s Can’t Get A Private Jet?

In Holland the couple insist on traveling in a, “three-car convoy that sweeps into the underground car park at the red brick building, the former head of the Dutch Post Office. The hotel is also less than 100m from the British ambassador’s private residence and close to the Dutch Parliament.”

On its website the hotel described the royal suite as ‘true luxury’ and the name is rather ironic.

Why is Meghan leaving early, leaving Harry to sit out the rest of the games? Aides now insist that, “it was always Meghan’s intention to stay for ‘a few days’ at the games before flying home. Harry stays until the closing ceremony on Friday,” but the media is not allowed to any of his activities on Monday.

According to one source it’s because, “he was likely to be filming for Netflix who are making a documentary about the games as part of the £100m deal with the streaming giant.”

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