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Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Has Ditched Prince Harry For This Reason?

British royal family news divulges what could be the REAL reason that Prince Harry has been thrown to the wolves without his trusty ‘Claw,’ aka wife Meghan Markle. This month his torrid tome Spare dropped, and ever since he has been ridiculed, lambasted and roasted as a penis-centric lothario who trashes his family as easily as he breathes air.

Up until now his ever-lovin’ basic cable actress wife has been at his side, nay, in front of him and ahead of him, leading the charge against his family, the media, anyone who dares doubt their version of reality.

Now more than ever Harry needs his erstwhile defender, so where has Meghan been? One royal pundit has what could be the ingenious answer.

Royal Family News – Where Is Meghan Markle?

Harry’s memoir titled Spare has burnished his image as a man-child who has not gotten over being born as an “organ donor” should his brother William, the heir, need a life-saving operation. The question on everyone’s lips (after of course who is the older woman who spanked him after taking his virginity) is, where the heck is Meghan to help him confront the slings and arrows?

Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Has Ditched Prince Harry For This Reason?

Meghan’s detractors refer to her as ‘The Claw’, due to her hand being semi-permanently attached to his back, always leading him this way and that in public. Which could be a big reason why she has been absent?

Royal Family News – Is Meghan In Hiding?

It is highly unusual that his camera loving wife not be in the picture—literally. So where has she been? They were last seen in public together on December 7, in New York, where they accepted a dufus award from the icky Kennedy Family, aka “America’s Monarchy.”

Yet one media insider told Alison Boshoff: Harry needed to be front and center during his book tour — that it’s his journey — and that he needs to shine.”

But the source admits, “I cannot imagine Penguin would have wanted her to be quite this absent.”

Royal Family News: Where in the World Is Meghan Markle?

Lots of theories have been floated on social media, the popular ones including Meghan being pregnant and Meghan having dumped her clown prince. Bishoff dishes: “I can reveal that … Meghan’s retreat from the public eye is, say well-placed sources, part of a carefully considered three-pronged PR approach to neutralize some critics — as well as to lay the ground for future lucrative projects.”

She goes on to say that, “Meghan’s absence was planned to escape the immediate problem of the poisonous narrative which surrounds them, suggesting that Harry is manipulated by his wife,” aka The Claw. Another source told her that Harry and Meghan are emulating the Obamas who conduct solitary PR tours. Now it’s your turn royal fans—tell us why you think Meghan has been under a rock for weeks!

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