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Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Supporters Are Turning Their Backs On The Duchess

Meghan MarkleBritish Royal family news reveals Meghan Markle might be someone who has always had a lot of friends in the film and television industry, but she’s also the same kind of person who has cut off a lot of people throughout the years. If there’s one person who knows this all too well, it’s her own estranged father, Thomas Markle Sr. And while Meghan can certainly count on a lot of people to have her back, some reports indicate that her supporters might slowly but surely be turning their backs on the Duchess of Sussex. Here are three reasons why.

Her Fall Out With The Royal Family

It certainly isn’t a good look when you not only fall out with your own family members but your husband’s family members too and that’s exactly what happened she Meghan and Prince Harry decided to pull the plug on their working relationship with the royal family. Simply put, things just haven’t been the same ever since ‘Megxit’ became a done deal. If Meghan’s family can’t get along with her and Prince Harry’s family can’t get along with her, then who can? That’s what fans want to know.

The Oprah Winfrey Interview

It was an interview that over 50 million people from all over the world tuned in to watch, and one that many members of the British Royal Family wish never happened. Sure, there are a lot of families out there that have their issues, but almost none use Oprah as a platform to throw their family members under the bus in the same way that Harry and Meghan did.

Royal Family News – What’s Fact And What’s Fiction

If all of the above weren’t enough, there are also some royal experts who say that some of the claims that were made in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah might have been misconstrued from both sides of the conversation. In fact, Meghan’s biographer Omid Scobie recently said that Meghan’s claim that her son Archie didn’t get a title because of his skin color might have been her not understanding royal protocol. Ouch. Now that is something you say behind closed doors and not in a press interview, right?

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  1. Guest says

    It was just a matter of time until people start seeing through the lies and untruths she is always telling. Meagan is out for complete control and it will never happen. She is so entitled feeling it will backfire on her.

  2. Guest says

    No one should wash their dirty laundry in public.

  3. Weenighean2 says

    I am most definitely a fan of The Royal Family, and surely NOT Of Meghan Markle or Prince Harry for not standing up to his wife.

  4. Guest says

    Hollywood Harry has lost everything he loved and Megan and children will be out the door. They both need all titles removed and no sending money to finance their extravagant behavior. Meg will run like a scalded dog.

  5. Guest says

    People are catching on to what Nut-Meg is really like!!! I have always said that if Harry was not a member of The Royal Family, and held the title of "Prince"…and had "a few bob"….Nut-Meg would not have given him a second glance!!!

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